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js-quantities - JavaScript library for quantity calculation and unit conversion

  •    Javascript

JS-quantities is originally a JavaScript port of Kevin Olbrich's library Ruby Units (http://github.com/olbrich/ruby-units). The library aims to simplify the handling of units for scientific calculations involving quantities.

NoOptionalInterpolation - No "Optional(...)" in string interpolation + Easy pluralization.

  •    Swift

NoOptionalInterpolation gets rid of "Optional(...)" and "nil" in Swift's string interpolation. This is particularly helpful when you set text to UI elements such as UILabel or UIButton. Since XCode currently, as of the time this is written, does not show any warnings when interpolating Optionals, and you might sometimes need to change your variables' type between Optional and non-Optional, this library ensures that the text you set never ever includes that annoying additional "Optional(...)". You can also revert to the default behavior when needed. Besides, the library makes pluralizing your text easier with custom operators.

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