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  •    Go

GUI for ql database made with gopherjs, vecty and electron.See hacking below. There is nothing really useful here except to demonstrate how you can use gopherjs to build electron applications.

influx-ql - Simple way for influx ql

  •    Javascript

Influxdb-nodejs An Influxdb Node.js Client depends on Influx-ql. View the ./examples directory for working examples.

ngorm - Neo GORM: The modern fork of gorm The fantastic ORM( Object Relational Mapper ) for Go

  •    Go

IMPORTANT: This is not meant to replace gorm. For advanced users you might find this library lacking, I advice you use gorm instead. Welcome, I have been looking for ways to work with ql database. Since I was familiar with gorm I tried to add ql dialect. A task that proved too hard due to limitation of gorm.

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