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paper-to-git - Sync documents from Dropbox Paper to local/remote git repository.

  •    Python

This project aims to sync documents between Dropbox Paper and any local Git repository. Why? Because apart from all other features that Paper has, it is an excellent in-browser markdown editor. This is an effort to create and automate Paper->Github Pages workflow, where I can create and publish my blog posts by writing them in dropbox paper and automatically fetching it from there and publishing it in Github Pages.

gutenberg-http - A HTTP interface to the Project Gutenberg corpus.

  •    Python

This project is an HTTP wrapper for the Python Gutenberg API. As such, it lets you search for books, retrieve information about books and get the text of books via a set of easy-to-use HTTP endpoints. The API is implemented using the Sanic web-framework and intended to be deployed to an Azure VM behind a nginx reverse proxy.