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mach-nix - Create highly reproducible python environments

  •    Python

Mach-nix makes it easy to create and share reproducible python environments or packages. Existing tools for python package management often suffer from reproducibility and complexity issues, requiring a multitude of tools and additional virtualization layers to work sufficiently. Mach-nix aims to solve these problems by providing a simple way to use nix, a revolutionary build system which is known to achieve great reproducibility and portability besides many other advantages. The ./env directory contains a portable and reproducible definition of your python environment. To reuse this environment on another system, just copy the ./env directory and use nix-shell to activate it.

GEOSChem-python-tutorial - Python/xarray tutorial for GEOS-Chem users

  •    Jupyter

Click here to launch a pre-configured notebook environment on the cloud platform provided freely by the binder project. Use the Chrome browser if you have trouble loading that page. Refresh the page if loading fails. If the page is loaded successfully, you should see a Jupyter notebook interface. Then, click on the first notebook to get started. Jupyter combines Python code, execution results, plots, custom texts, and even Latex formulas in a single page. Besides using the Jupyter program, you can also view the static notebook on GitHub (e.g the first notebook).

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