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binarytree - Python Library for Studying Binary Trees

  •    Python

Binarytree is a Python library which provides a simple API to generate, visualize, inspect and manipulate binary trees. It allows you to skip the tedious work of setting up test data, and dive straight into practising your algorithms. Heaps and BSTs (binary search trees) are also supported. You may need to use sudo depending on your environment.

kq - Kafka-based Job Queue for Python

  •    Python

KQ (Kafka Queue) is a lightweight Python library which lets you queue and execute jobs asynchronously using Apache Kafka. It uses kafka-python under the hood. You may need to use sudo depending on your environment.

scons - SCons - a software construction tool

  •    XSLT

Welcome to the SCons development tree. The real purpose of this tree is to package SCons for production distribution in a variety of formats, not just to hack SCons code. If all you want to do is install and run SCons, it will be easier for you to download and install the scons-{version}.tar.gz or scons-{version}.zip package rather than to work with the packaging logic in this tree.

iota.lib.py - PyOTA: The IOTA Python API Library

  •    Python

This is the official Python library for the IOTA Core.It implements both the official API, as well as newly-proposed functionality (such as signing, bundles, utilities and conversion).

rororo - Utilities, helpers, and useful principles for building Python backend applications

  •    Python

Collection of utilities, helpers, and principles for building Python backend applications. Supports aiohttp.web, Flask, and your web-framework.

aio-pika - Wrapper for the PIKA for asyncio and humans.

  •    Python

Wrapper for the PIKA for asyncio and humans. See examples and the tutorial in documentation. See another examples and the tutorial in documentation.

pyfailsafe - Simple failure handling. Failsafe implementation in Python

  •    Python

A Python library for handling failures, heavily inspired by the Java project Failsafe. Pyfailsafe provides mechanisms for dealing with operations that inherently can fail, such as calls to external services. It takes advantage of the Python's coroutines and only supports async operations and Python 3.5.

sqlalchemy-media - Another attachment extension for SqlAlchemy to manage assets which are associated with database models but you don't want to store them into the database

  •    Python

See the documentation for full description. Nowadays, most of the database applications are used to allow users to upload and attach files of various types to ORM models.

async_generator - Making it easy to write async iterators in Python 3.5

  •    Python

Python 3.6 added async generators. (What's an async generator? Check out my 5-minute lightning talk demo from PyCon 2016.) Python 3.7 adds some more tools to make them usable, like contextlib.asynccontextmanager. This library gives you all that back to Python 3.5.

quadriga - Python Client for QuadrigaCX

  •    Python

Quadriga is a Python client for Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platform QuadrigaCX. It wraps the exchange's REST API v2 using requests library. You may need to use sudo depending on your environment.

flickrapi - Python Flickr API implementation

  •    Python

then run poetry run py.test in the top-level directory. The minimum Python version that is supported is 3.5.

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