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pygments-css - css files created from pygment's built-in styles

  •    CSS

Pygments, a Python-based code highlighting tool, comes with a set of builtin styles (not css files) for code highlighting. You have to generate a CSS file using the command line. You can generate these yourself, but this git repository has already generated them for you.

dracula-theme - :scream: A dark theme for all the things!


A dark theme for Atom, Alfred, Emacs, Highlight.js, Hyper, iTerm, JetBrains, Pygments, Slack, Sublime Text, TextMate, Terminal.app, Vim, Xcode, Zsh and many more. All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com.

node-pygmentize-bundled - A simple wrapper around Python's Pygments code formatter, with Pygments bundled

  •    HTML

Can be used as either a String-in, Buffer-out, or as a Duplex stream.Compatible with both Python v2 and v3.

clygments - Use Pygments from Clojure

  •    Clojure

clygments is a Clojure wrapper for Pygments. It’ll return a string or nil if there was an error, like an unsupported language or output.

archived-node-pygmentize-bundled - A simple wrapper around Python's Pygments code formatter, with Pygments bundled

  •    HTML

Can be used as either a String-in, Buffer-out, or as a Duplex stream. Compatible with both Python v2 and v3.

pygments.js - A pygments wrapper for nodejs

  •    Javascript

All of the pygments tests are written in vows, and cover all of the use cases described above. See LICENSE for details.

twig-codeblock - Syntax highlighting for Twig with the {% codeblock %} tag.

  •    PHP

Add code snippets with syntax highlighting and more to any Twig template. The Codeblock extension for Twig is a port of the {% codeblock %} liquid tag for Octopress/Jekyll.

pygments-high-contrast-stylesheets - WCAG AA passing Pygments stylesheets

  •    CSS

A hard fork of pygments-css with WCAG AA passing stylesheets. When you're choosing a theme for your personal IDE feel free to choose whatever you'd like. But when you're publishing to the web, keep in mind that you're not the only one reading the code using the selected theme.

Syntax-Themes - :art: Information and files on various syntax highlighting themes

  •    Vim

This repository contains syntax highlighting themes and links that have been collected through the years while searching for themes that could be converted into something usable on GitHub. All of these themes should retain their original license. If none is provided, a link to the source has been included.

pygments-mathematica - Mathematica/Wolfram Language lexer and highlighter for Pygments

  •    Python

The most up-to-date lexer and highlighter for Mathematica/Wolfram Language source code using the pygments engine. NOTE: Although this lexer is registered with the names mathematica and mma for use as language hints, the default lexer that ships with Pygments overrides this. Hence until this is incorporated into the main Pygments repository please use wl or wolfram or wolfram-language as the language hint.

pygments - :scream: A dark theme for Pygments

  •    CSS

A dark theme for Pygments. All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com/pygments.

pygments-pytest - A pygments lexer for pytest output

  •    Python

See some demos! Or see it in action on pytest.org. This library provides a pygments lexer called pytest.

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