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play-with-docker - You know it, you use it, now it's time to improve it. PWD!.

  •    Go

Play With Docker gives you the experience of having a free Alpine Linux Virtual Machine in the cloud where you can build and run Docker containers and even create clusters with Docker features like Swarm Mode. Under the hood DIND or Docker-in-Docker is used to give the effect of multiple VMs/PCs.

couch-pwd - CouchDB like salt and password generation with PBKDF2

  •    Javascript

Hash and compare passwords with the crypto's pbkdf2. Heavily inspired by node-pwd.The resulting salt and password Strings are the same you'd get when you save a user to CouchDB and let CouchDB do all the hashing for you.

node-chdir - process.chdir() in a callback plus directory stacks

  •    Javascript

Push and pop a stack of directories.Fires chdir.push(), cb(), then chdir.pop() immediately one after the other.

pwder - Turn your documentation into a live demo with clickable console commands

  •    Liquid

Turn your project readme into a fully interactive demo. Write nothing more then Markdown. Everything is run in the browser. Under the hood Play with Docker is used to spin up machine instances so users dont need to install anything. You dont even need to use Docker if your project does not.

expand-tilde - Bash-like tilde expansion for node

  •    Javascript

Bash-like tilde expansion for node.js. Expands a leading tilde in a file path to the user home directory, or ~+ to the cwd. See the Bash documentation for Tilde Expansion.