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purescript-pux - Build type-safe web apps with PureScript.

  •    PureScript

Build type-safe web applications with PureScript. Pux has not focused on performance yet. The slow performance arises from translating Pux's (smolder) virtual DOM to React's virtual DOM. The goal is to write a purescript virtual DOM module for smolder, which would avoid that translation step and could be optimized for a monadic datastructure. I suspect this would achieve performance on par with Halogen.

purescript-spectacle-presentation - Presentation on using React Spectacle via Pux & PureScript

  •    PureScript

npm start or npm run watch will start a development server, which hot-reloads your application when sources changes. npm run serve serves your application without watching for changes or hot-reloading.


  •    PureScript

Built on the Pux Starter App using webpack with hot-reloading. See the Guide for help learning Pux.

pux-devtool - Pux time-travelling devtool.

  •    Javascript

DevTools extension for Pux applications. Visualize app state and events.

pux-starter-app - Starter Pux app w/ hot-reloading and isomorphic routing and rendering

  •    PureScript

The starter app is a skeleton Pux project configured with webpack and supporting hot-reload for rapid development. For isomorphic rendering and routing a more complex configuration is available in the isomorphic branch.

pux-todomvc - Pux TodoMVC

  •    PureScript

TodoMVC built with Pux. After compiling the app should be available at http://localhost:8080.