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purple-facebook - Facebook protocol plugin for libpurple (moved from jgeboski/purple-facebook)

  •    C

Purple Facebook implements the Facebook Messenger protocol into pidgin, finch, and libpurple. While the primary implementation is for purple3, this plugin is back-ported for purple2. This project is not affiliated with Facebook, Inc.

duotone-dark-syntax - DuoTone dark - A syntax theme for Atom

  •    CSS

Note: This theme is deprecated. Take a look at tone-syntax that is somewhat similar. A double-hue syntax theme for Atom.

rebecca-theme - The purple turtle theme for Spacemacs

  •    Emacs

Rebecca is a dark emacs theme with purple/violet colors. Rebecca is now included in spacemacs' theme-megapack.

apathy-theme - Apathy // Atom Syntax Theme

  •    CSS

This dark syntax theme sports a subtle, deep purple base with vivid candy-like colors which bring your syntax to life without going too far to the point of being impractical. It's also one of the only syntax themes with the ability to configure its colors through the settings panel. Font size: 13-14px depending on resolution.

node-purple - nodejs libpurple ffi bindings

  •    Javascript

Basic FFI bindings for libpurple (the backing library behind pidgin and adium). Currently makes assumptions that are only valid on mac at the moment.

violet - :crystal_ball: Violet Jekyll Template

  •    HTML

A purple theme for girls and boys. You must fill some informations on _config.yml to customize your site.

soft-era-atom-syntax - 🌸 soft era for Atom ~ Light pastel syntax theme for soft, warm, cozy, cute coding

  •    CSS

Much of this cleanup and organization is in the push to make this theme easier to 1) organize for porting to other editors, and 2) using the same organizational thought behind the syntax highlighting to quickly create other themes.

THRecon - Threat Hunting Reconnaissance Toolkit

  •    PowerShell

Collect endpoint information for use in incident response, threat hunting, live forensics, baseline monitoring, etc. * Info pulled from current running processes or their executables on disk.

vscode-material-palenight-theme - 🍹🎨 An elegant and juicy material-like theme for Visual Studio Code

  •    Javascript

An elegant and juicy material-like theme for Visual Studio Code. Psst! If you have the Operator Mono font installed, find Palenight Operator in the theme list. Also, check out Palenight Italic for a less operator-mono-ish experience.

shades-of-purple-emacs - A Shades of Purple theme port for Emacs

  •    Emacs

Ported from the original, by Ahmad Awais. In the screenshot: MonoLisa, default mode-line, state-flow.

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