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proxy-list - A list of free, public, forward proxy servers. UPDATED DAILY!


PubProxy provides a free, robust API to narrow down the proxy to your desired specification.

proxy-scraper - Library for scraping free proxies lists

  •    PHP

A Proxy object may have metrics (metadata) associated with.

free-proxy-list - 🔥Free proxy servers list / Updated hourly!


Get fresh free proxies. All proxies in this list are checked for hiding your ip address, non-modified html/js code and https protocol support. Updates every hour.

proxy_fetcher - 💪 Ruby / JRuby gem / CLI for dealing with proxy lists from various sources

  •    Ruby

This gem can help your Ruby / JRuby application to make HTTP(S) requests using proxy by fetching and validating actual proxy lists from multiple providers. It gives you a special Manager class that can load proxy lists, validate them and return random or specific proxies. It also has a Client class that encapsulates all the logic for sending HTTP requests using proxies, automatically fetched and validated by the gem. Take a look at the documentation below to find all the gem features.

proxy-scrape - scrapin' proxies with ocr

  •    Python

The TorVPN proxy list is no longer populating as of July 2018, therefore this tool is defunct. If you're looking for a decent free proxy list check out a2u/free-proxy-list. This is a command-line tool to scrape the TorVPN proxy list for use with proxychains. TorVPN's proxy list uses images to list IP addresses (likely to avoid scrapers), this tool uses Tesseract OCR via the pytesseract wrapper for optical character recognition and ImageMagick for image manipulation.