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getty - a netty like asynchronous network I/O library based on tcp/udp/websocket; a bidirectional RPC framework based on JSON/Protobuf; a microservice framework based on zookeeper/etcd

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Getty is a asynchronous network I/O library in golang. Getty is based on "ngo" whose author is sanbit. Getty works on tcp/udp/websocket network protocol and supplies a uniform interface. In getty there are two goroutines in one connection(session), one reads tcp stream/udp packet/websocket package, the other handles logic process and writes response into network write buffer. If your logic process may take a long time, you should start a new logic process goroutine by yourself in codec.go:(Codec)OnMessage.

xservice - Framework to generate web APIs

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xservice is a simple generator library used for generating services quickly and easily for an proto buffer. The purpose of this project is to generate of a lot of the basic boilerplate associated with writing API services so that you can focus on writing business logic.