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react-values - A set of tiny React components for handling state with render props.

  •    Javascript

A set of tiny, composable React components for handling state with render props. It does this using a small render-prop-based API that exposes helpful transforms like toggle, increment, filter, etc. depending on the type of value, all based on JavaScripts native value types...

proppy - Functional props composition for UI components (supporting React.js & Vue.js)

  •    TypeScript

ProppyJS is a tiny 1.5kB JavaScript library for composing props (object that components receive to render themselves). It comes with various integration packages giving you the freedom to use it popular rendering libraries.

react-fontawesome - A React Font Awesome component.

  •    Javascript

A React component for the font-awesome icon library. Note: This component does not include any of the Font Awesome CSS or fonts, so you'll need to make sure to include those on your end somehow, either by adding them to your build process or linking to CDN versions.

redux-connect - Provides decorator for resolving async props in react-router, extremely useful for handling server-side rendering in React

  •    Javascript

How do you usually request data and store it to redux state? You create actions that do async jobs to load data, create reducer to save this data to redux state, then connect data to your component or container. Usually it's very similar routine tasks.

react-fake-props - 🔮 Simple utility to magically generate fake props for your React tests

  •    Javascript

react-fake-props parses your Component prop types using react-docgen and generates fake props. Supports Flow and PropTypes. Works great with Jest snapshots and Enzyme.To include optional props, pass { optional: true }.

to-fast-properties - Force V8 to use fast properties for an object

  •    Javascript

Read more.Use %HasFastProperties(object) and --allow-natives-syntax to check whether an object already has fast properties.

stringify-attributes - Turn an object into a string of HTML attributes

  •    Javascript

Note that the string is prepended with a space when there are attributes to simplify using it in a HTML tag.

p-props - Like `Promise.all()` but for `Map` and `Object`

  •    Javascript

Useful when you need to run multiple promises concurrently and keep track of the fulfilled values by name.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when all promises in input are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfilled value is the same as input, but with a fulfilled version of each entry value.

get-value - Use property paths (`a.b.c`) get a nested value from an object.

  •    Javascript

Use property paths like 'a.b.c' to get a nested value from an object. Even works when keys have dots in them (no other dot-prop library can do this!). Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

deep-rename-keys - Recursively rename the keys in an object.

  •    Javascript

Recursively rename the keys in an object. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

expand-object - Expand a string into a JavaScript object using a simple notation.

  •    Javascript

Expand a string into a JavaScript object using a simple notation. Use the CLI or as a node.js lib. Also see collapse-object, for doing the reverse of this library.

extend-shallow - Extend object A with the properties of object B. node.js/javascript util.

  •    Javascript

Extend an object with the properties of additional objects. node.js/javascript util. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

vue-types - Vue Prop Types definitions

  •    Javascript

vue-types is a collection of configurable prop type definitions for Vue.js components, inspired by React's prop-types. While basic prop type definition in Vue is simple and convenient, detailed prop validation can become verbose on complex components. This is the case for vue-types.

react-base - Higher order component to handle merging callbacks, prefixing classnames and props passthrough

  •    Javascript

Applying @base to your components applies the class decorators from the above modules, and calling this.base() returns the merged outputs of react-callback-register's callbacks, react-c's cRoot() and react-passthrough's passthrough(). Most React components will at minimum need to pass through a number of properties to their child nodes, as well as apply a few CSS classes. Compared to rolling your own implementation on every component, having these available under a single decorator is a no-brainer.

react-ctrl - A higher-order-component for making stateful components behave like stateless components

  •    Javascript

ReactCtrl is a component that automates the tedium of mapping props to state for stateless / controlled / uncontrolled behaviour from a stateful component. Managing controlled / uncontrolled values can be tedious, and maintaining the duplication between stateful and stateless components can be exhausting.

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