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SwiftCheck - QuickCheck for Swift

  •    Swift

QuickCheck for Swift. For those already familiar with the Haskell library, check out the source. For everybody else, see the Tutorial Playground for a beginner-level introduction to the major concepts and use-cases of this library.

hypothesis - Hypothesis is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use library for property-based testing.

  •    Python

Hypothesis is family of testing libraries which let you write tests parametrized by a source of examples. A Hypothesis implementation then generates simple and comprehensible examples that make your tests fail. This simplifies writing your tests and makes them more powerful at the same time, by letting software automate the boring bits and do them to a higher standard than a human would, freeing you to focus on the higher level test logic. This sort of testing is often called "property-based testing", and the most widely known implementation of the concept is the Haskell library QuickCheck, but Hypothesis differs significantly from QuickCheck and is designed to fit idiomatically and easily into existing styles of testing that you are used to, with absolutely no familiarity with Haskell or functional programming needed.

haskell-hedgehog - Hedgehog will eat all your bugs.

  •    Haskell

Hedgehog will eat all your bugs. Hedgehog is a modern property-based testing system, in the spirit of QuickCheck. Hedgehog uses integrated shrinking, so shrinks obey the invariants of generated values by construction.

stream_data - Data generation and property testing for Elixir

  •    Elixir

StreamData is an Elixir library for data generation and property testing.Note: StreamData is in beta. It's a candidate to be included in Elixir itself at some point (but it's not guaranteed to).

expecto - A smooth testing lib for F#

  •    F#

Expecto is a smooth testing library for F#, with APIs made for humans, giving strong testing methodologies to everyone.With Expecto you write tests as values. Tests can be composed, reduced, filtered, repeated and passed as values, because they are values. This gives the programmer a lot of leverage when writing tests.

swagger-test - Property based testing tool for Swagger APIs

  •    Haskell

This is a tool for Property Based Testing of swagger APIs. For all valid requests that can be derived from my Swagger schema, the API response obtained from executing that request is valid according to the same Swagger schema.

nyaya - Random Data Generation and/or Property Testing in Scala & Scala.JS.

  •    Scala

If you like what I do —my OSS libraries, my contributions to other OSS libs, my programming blog— and you'd like to support me, more content, more lib maintenance, please become a patron! I do all my OSS work unpaid so showing your support will make a big difference.

ponycheck - Property Based Testing for Ponylang 🐴 ✔️

  •    Pony

Property based testing for ponylang (>= 0.19.0). In traditional unit testing, it is the duty and burden of the developer to provide and craft meaningful input examples for the unit under test (be it a class, a function or whatever) and check if some output conditions hold. This is a tedious and error-prone activity.

kitimat - A library for generative, property-based testing in TypeScript and Jest.

  •    TypeScript

Kitimat is a library for generative, property-based testing in TypeScript. Easy to use: Integrates directly into Jest with zero additional configuration.

quick_check.js - A JS implementation of quick_check

  •    CoffeeScript

quick_check.js is an implementation of QuickCheck in JavaScript. (Actually the implementation is written in CoffeeScript, but that doesn't matter much). This means that quick_check.js generated 3 random integers and one of them failed the test (in this case -4). (Why? Because modulus operator in JavaScript is botched).

qcheck - QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml.

  •    OCaml

QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml, and combinators to generate random values to run tests on. The documentation can be found here. This library spent some time in qtest, but is now standalone again! Note that @gasche’s generator library can be useful too, for generating random values.

claire - [Unmaintained: please use jsverify instead] A property-based testing library for clearly specifying code invariants and behaviour

  •    LiveScript

Claire is a random testing library for both property-based testing (QuickCheck-like) and random program generation (ScalaCheck command's like), which allows you to express your code's behaviours and invariants in a clear way. This will generate the dist/claire.umd.js file, which you can load in any JavaScript environment.

fsharp-hedgehog - Hedgehog will eat all your bugs.

  •    F#

Hedgehog will eat all your bugs. Hedgehog is a modern property-based testing system, in the spirit of QuickCheck. Hedgehog uses integrated shrinking, so shrinks obey the invariants of generated values by construction.

gopter - GOlang Property TestER

  •    Go

Gopter tries to bring the goodness of ScalaCheck (and implicitly, the goodness of QuickCheck) to Go. It can also be seen as a more sophisticated version of the testing/quick package.

discipline - Flexible law checking for Scala

  •    Scala

This library is currently available for Scala binary versions 2.11 and 2.12. For a little more info see the "Law Enforcement using Discipline" blog post.

quickcheck-state-machine - Test monadic programs using state machine based models

  •    Haskell

quickcheck-state-machine is a Haskell library, based on QuickCheck, for testing stateful programs. The library is different from the Test.QuickCheck.Monadic approach in that it lets the user specify the correctness by means of a state machine based model using pre- and post-conditions. The advantage of the state machine approach is twofold: 1) specifying the correctness of your programs becomes less adhoc, and 2) you get testing for race conditions for free. The combination of state machine based model specification and property based testing first appeard in Erlang's proprietary QuickCheck. The quickcheck-state-machine library can be seen as an attempt to provide similar functionality to Haskell's QuickCheck library.

scalaprops - property based testing library for Scala

  •    Scala

please use sbt plugin because there are some convenient features. Scalaprops emitting which seed it started with during a failing test, and providing an interface --seed=<value> for re-running the failing test with the same seed.

quick.py - Property-based testing library for Python

  •    Python

Quick.py is a property-based testing library for Python inspired by the Haskell library QuickCheck. The core idea of QuickCheck is that instead of enumerating expected input and output for unit tests, you write properties about your function that should hold true for all inputs. This lets you write concise, powerful tests. TBD, It's a trial implementation, and has limited functionalities yet.

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