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udocker - A basic user tool to execute simple docker containers in batch or interactive systems without root privileges

  •    Python

A basic user tool to execute simple docker containers in user space without requiring root privileges. Enables download and execution of docker containers by non-privileged users in Linux systems where docker is not available. It can be used to pull and execute docker containers in Linux batch systems and interactive clusters that are managed by other entities such as grid infrastructures or externally managed batch or interactive systems. The INDIGO udocker does not require any type of privileges nor the deployment of services by system administrators. It can be downloaded and executed entirely by the end user.

proot - An chroot-like implementation using ptrace.

  •    C

This is a copy of the PRoot project with patches applied to work better under Termux.

ctnr - rootless runc-based container engine

  •    Go

ctnr is a CLI built on top of runc to manage and build OCI images as well as containers on Linux. ctnr aims to ease system container creation and execution as unprivileged user. Also ctnr is a tool to experiment with runc features. Container networking is limited. With plain ctnr/runc only the host network can be used. The standard CNI plugins require root privileges. One workaround is to map ports on the host network using PRoot* accepting bad performance. A better solution is to use slirp4netns which emulates the TCP/IP stack in a user namespace efficiently. It can be used with ctnr via the slirp-cni-plugin. Once container initialization is also moved into a user namespace with slirp the standard CNI plugins can be used again. For instance the bridge can be used to achieve communication between containers (see user-mode networking).

nix-portable - Nix - Static, Permissionless, Installation-free, Pre-configured

  •    Nix

Nix as a single binary which doesn't require configuration, privileges, or (user) namespaces. If user namespaces are not available on a system, nix-portable will fall back to using proot instead of bubblewrap. Proot's virtualization can have a significant performance overhead depending on the workload. In that situation, it might be beneficial to use a remote builder or alternatively build the derivations on another host and sync them via a cache like cachix.org.

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