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react-simple-img - 🌅 React lazy load images with IntersectionObserver API and Priority Hints

  •    Javascript

Image component working similar with standard img tag and with the following props. This function is only required, when you want to customise intersection observer configuration.

Setting Windows Processes' priority


How to controll the running priority of the processes on my system? SetProcessPrio is a windows service capable of changing the priority of started processes. It has a GUI tool for configuration, but also can be configured directly from registry. Developed in C# with .NET 2...

rx.priorityqueue - Standalone Priority Queue from the RxJS library

  •    Javascript

The PriorityQueue from the RxJS library as a standalone module

p-queue - Promise queue with concurrency control

  •    Javascript

Useful for rate-limiting async operations. For example, when interacting with a REST API or when doing CPU/memory intensive tasks.Here we run only one promise at the time. For example, set concurrency to 4 to run four promises at the time.

js-priority-queue - Priority queues in JavaScript

  •    CoffeeScript

You cannot access the data in any other way: you must dequeue or peek. You can npm install js-priority-queue or bower install js-priority-queue. Alternatively, just download priority-queue.js from this directory.

tinyqueue - The smallest and simplest priority queue in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

The smallest and simplest binary heap priority queue in JavaScript. Inspired by js-priority-queue by Adam Hooper.

keyboard-manager - Small keyboard shortcut management for DOM-based applications

  •    TypeScript

Small keyboard shortcut management for DOM-based applications. Keyboard Manager uses a simple queue, processed from newest to oldest, of listener functions to execute keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard event propagation stops when handled, but returning true from the listener will continue propagation to older listeners.

priorityqueuejs - A simple priority queue data structure for Node.js and the browser

  •    Javascript

A simple priority queue data structure for Node.js and the browser. If you just want a pre-built file for using in the web, check the releases section.

sensible-github-labels - Github labels for teams that like workflows and structure

  •    Javascript

I decided to trial these labels on the repo that's responsible for the JSON-Schema website, json-schema.org. While they mostly make sense, I quickly found that some labels are a little open to interpretation. The article outlines the reasoning why these new labels are better than the labels Github provides, however it doesn't include any explanation for each label, which is fine given the intention, and leaves teams to work out their own interpretations that suite their needs. If you're looking for some definitions, and maybe some examples, then hopefully my outline will give you a basis to work on. Feel free to take these and amend them as you wish.

graph-sequencer - Sort items in a graph using a topological sort while resolving cycles with priority groups

  •    Javascript

Sort items in a graph using a topological sort while resolving cycles with priority groups. However, even with priority groups you can still accidentally create cycles of dependencies in your graph.

task-graph-runner - Run async tasks with dependencies

  •    Javascript

This is a map of items to their dependencies. Items can be any type as long as they are === to one another. This function gets called on every item in the graph. It should return a promise.

priority-nav-scroller - Priority Nav Scroller is a plugin for the priority+ navigation pattern.

  •    CSS

Priority Nav Scroller is a plugin for the priority+ navigation pattern. When the navigation items don’t fit on screen they are hidden in a horizontal scrollable container with controls. The script is an ES6(ES2015) module but a compiled version is included in the build as index.js. You can also copy scripts/priority-nav-scroller.js into your own site if your build process can accomodate ES6 modules. Babel and Browserify are used in the demo site.

task-easy - A simple, customizable, and lightweight priority queue for promises.

  •    Javascript

A simple, customizable, and lightweight priority queue for promise based tasks. TaskEasy is built as an extension of a simple heap data structure. Tasks are queued by simply passing a task (function) to the .schedule method along with an array of arguments to be called as well as an object to describe the task's relative priority. The caller is returned a promise which will resolve once the scheduled task has ran. Priority determination is left up to the user via a function that accepts task priority object and returns a judgement.

transfer2go - Distributed, loosely couple agent-based transferring system

  •    Go

Go implementation of CMS PhEDEx distributed, loosly coupled agents for CMS transfering data. The CMS experiment at the LHC proton-proton collider developed PhEDEx (Physics Experiment Data Export) service as reliable and scalable data management system to meet experiment requirements in Run I/II. Designed in 2004, and written mainly in Perl, it is still used today for managing multi-PB transfer loads per week, across a complex topology of dozen of Grid-compliant computing centres.

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