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primitive - Reproducing images with geometric primitives.

  •    Go

Reproducing images with geometric primitives.A target image is provided as input. The algorithm tries to find the single most optimal shape that can be drawn to minimize the error between the target image and the drawn image. It repeats this process, adding one shape at a time. Around 50 to 200 shapes are needed to reach a result that is recognizable yet artistic and abstract.

3D-Machine-Learning - A resource repository for 3D machine learning


In recent years, tremendous amount of progress is being made in the field of 3D Machine Learning, which is an interdisciplinary field that fuses computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning. This repo is derived from my study notes and will be used as a place for triaging new research papers. To contribute to this Repo, you may add content through pull requests or open an issue to let me know.

may - rust stackful coroutine library

  •    Rust

Rust Stackful Coroutine Library. May is a high performance stackful coroutine library that can be thought of rust version goroutine. You can use it easily to design and develop massive concurrent programs in Rust.

Xen (XNA Extended) Framework

  •    CSharp

The Xen Framework is a set of libraries that provides and extends XNA 4.0 functionality to make game development easier and faster while producing clean, maintainable code. Xen frees you up to spend more time building your game.

scalaj - scala/java interoperability, as deep as you want

  •    Scala

If you work on a Java/Scala mixed project you can find yourself converting java collections and/or primitive wrappers to/from corresponding scala classes or vice versa. JavaConverters is your friend here, but it's not always good enough. ScalaJ Converters will go all the way down converting every nested collection or primitive type. Of course you should be ready to pay some cost for all these conversions.

styled-system-html - HTML elements extended as styled components via styled system, ready for theming

  •    Javascript

Create a theme with settings for colors, typography and spacing. Apply your theme to the element components.

symbiflow-arch-defs - FOSS architecture definitions of FPGA hardware useful for doing PnR device generation

  •    Python

The aim is to include useful documentation (both human and machine readable) on the primitives and routing infrastructure for these architectures. We hope this enables growth in the open source FPGA tools space. The documentation can be generated using Sphinx.

geometrize-haxe - :triangular_ruler: Geometrize is a Haxe port of primitive that geometrizes images into geometric primitives

  •    Haxe

Geometrize Haxe is a Haxe library for recreating images with geometric primitives. Run the demo in your browser. Geometrize Haxe is part of Geometrize, and is based on the primitive Go library.

geometrize-haxe-demo - Demo using Geometrize Haxe and HaxeFlixel to recreate images with geometric primitives

  •    Haxe

Geometrize Haxe is a Haxe library for recreating images with geometric primitives. This demo shows the library working with HaxeFlixel - run it in your browser. The demo shows how images can be converted to shapes using Geometrize Haxe and then rendered as HaxeFlixel sprites. Open the demo and left click to cycle the example image being geometrized.

geometrize-haxe-web - :globe_with_meridians: Web demo using the Geometrize Haxe library to recreate images with geometric primitives

  •    Haxe

Web demo for Geometrize, a tool for recreating images as geometric primitives. Run it now in your browser. Made using the Geometrize Haxe library, a Haxe port of primitive.

alfa-ui-primitives - UI primitives for sharing between platforms

  •    Javascript

A set of primitives for UI libraries in Alfa-Bank projects. Web, iOS, Android.

styled-jss - Styled Components on top of JSS.

  •    Javascript

Styled-JSS implements a styled-primitives interface on top of JSS. Its API is similar to styled-components but thanks to the JSS core, it supports all features and plugins JSS does. For e.g. you can use full JSON Syntax inside. Try it out on playground.

syncx - more advanced sync primitives in Go

  •    Go

More Advanced sync primitives. Implemented some Go sync primitives.

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