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pretix - Ticket shop application for conferences, festivals, concerts, tech events, shows, exhibitions, workshops, barcamps, etc

  •    Python

Reinventing ticket presales, one ticket at a time. While there is always a lot to do and improve on, pretix by now has been in use for more than a dozen conferences that sold over ten thousand tickets combined without major problems. We therefore think of pretix as being stable and ready to use.

pretix-passbook - Support for Apple Wallet/Passbook files in pretix

  •    Python

This is a plugin for pretix. It allows to provide tickets in the passbook format supported by Apple Wallet and a number of Android apps. If you like to contribute to this project, you are very welcome to do so. If you have any questions in the process, please do not hesitate to ask us.

pretixdroid - Android application to check in your visitors with tickets generated by pretix

  •    Java

Validates tickets generated by pretix. This project is stable and tested in production.