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Trino - A query engine that runs at ludicrous speed

  •    Java

Trino is a highly parallel and distributed query engine, that is built from the ground up for efficient, low latency analytics. It is an ANSI SQL compliant query engine, that works with BI tools such as R, Tableau, Power BI, Superset and many others. It helps to natively query data in Hadoop, S3, Cassandra, MySQL, and many others, without the need for complex, slow, and error-prone processes for copying the data.

presto-ethereum - Presto Ethereum Connector -- SQL on Ethereum

  •    Java

Presto is a powerful interactive querying engine that enables running SQL queries on anything -- be it MySQL, HDFS, local file, Kafka -- as long as there exist a connector to the source. This is a Presto connector to the Ethereum blockchain data. With this connector, one can get hands on with Ethereum blockchain analytics work without having to know how to play with the nitty gritty Javascript API.

athena-cli - Presto-like CLI tool for AWS Athena

  •    Python

Presto-like CLI tool for AWS Athena. The alternative is using the AWS CLI Athena sub-commands. A recent version of the aws CLI must be available on the PATH.

presto-go-client - A Presto client for the Go programming language.

  •    Go

A Presto client for the Go programming language. You need a working environment with Go installed and $GOPATH set.

talaria - TalariaDB is a distributed, highly available, and low latency time-series database for Presto

  •    Go

This repository contains a fork of TalariaDB, a distributed, highly available, and low latency time-series database for Big Data systems. It was originally designed and implemented in Grab, where millions and millions of transactions and connections take place every day , which requires a platform scalable data-driven decision making. TalariaDB helped us to overcome the challenge of retrieving and acting upon the information from large amounts of data. It addressed our need to query at least 2-3 terabytes of data per hour with predictable low query latency and low cost. Most importantly, it plays very nicely with the different tools’ ecosystems and lets us query data using SQL.

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