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proxychains-ng - proxychains ng (new generation) - a preloader which hooks calls to sockets in dynamically linked programs and redirects it through one or more socks/http proxies

  •    C

proxychains ng (new generation) - a preloader which hooks calls to sockets in dynamically linked programs and redirects it through one or more socks/http proxies. continuation of the unmaintained proxychains project. the sf.net page is currently not updated, use releases from github release page instead.

basket.js - A script and resource loader for caching & loading files with localStorage

  •    Javascript

Modern web applications will typically make use of more than one JavaScript or CSS framework. As the number of scripts add up, so does the number of HTTP requests. This leads to increased page load times and reduced performance. Basket.js is a project dedicated to aleviating this problem. Basket.js loads your site's scripts into a page and saves them in localStorage so they can be reused after the session until they are expired. It also checks to see if the scripts are already in localStorage, and if not, loads them. This prevents unneccessary reloading of scripts and can improve load time and website performance.

preload-webpack-plugin - A webpack plugin for injecting <link rel='preload|prefecth'> into HtmlWebpackPlugin pages, with async chunk support

  •    Javascript

A Webpack plugin for automatically wiring up asynchronous (and other types) of JavaScript chunks using <link rel='preload'>. This helps with lazy-loading. Note: This is an extension plugin for html-webpack-plugin - a plugin that simplifies the creation of HTML files to serve your webpack bundles.

premonish - Predict which DOM element a user will interact with next.

  •    Javascript

Predict which DOM element a user will interact with next. You give it a list of elements and it will try to predict when a user is about to mouse over one of those elements.

vulcain - Fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs.

  •    Go

Vulcain is a brand new protocol using HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs. It supports hypermedia APIs but also any "legacy" API by documenting its relations using OpenAPI.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin to load images sequentially, thereby ensuring smoothness of prevalent loading animations.

angular-idle-preload - :soon: Angular Idle Preload for preloading async routes via @TipeIO

  •    TypeScript

Scheduling non-essential work yourself is very difficult to do. It’s impossible to figure out exactly how much frame time remains because after requestAnimationFrame callbacks execute there are style calculations, layout, paint, and other browser internals that need to run. A home-rolled solution can’t account for any of those. In order to be sure that a user isn’t interacting in some way you would also need to attach listeners to every kind of interaction event (scroll, touch, click), even if you don’t need them for functionality, just so that you can be absolutely sure that the user isn’t interacting. The browser, on the other hand, knows exactly how much time is available at the end of the frame, and if the user is interacting, and so through requestIdleCallback we gain an API that allows us to make use of any spare time in the most efficient way possible.

preloader - A library for loading common web assets

  •    Javascript

The preloader is capable of loading almost all types of files, if it does not understand a file type, it will attempt to load it as a basic xhr request. It extends the nodejs event emitter and uses the following events.Here is a common usage of the preloader.

preload-img - Preload an image on a webpage

  •    Javascript

If you know you'll need to load an image later, you can preload it upfront (when your web app loads) to make sure that it loads instantly later.Works best when the image has far-future HTTP cache headers set.

angular-preloaded - Preload data for your non-SPA AngularJS application

  •    Javascript

This AngularJS plugin allows you to preload data for your application by putting it into a special script tag. This is especially great for non-SPAs that want to use AngularJS. I am motivated by my previous attempts to preload data where I polluted the global state (i.e. window) and wrote services to pluck values off of it. This approach fully integrates with the AngularJS life cycle.

netjet - Express middleware to generate preload headers

  •    Javascript

netjet is a Node.js HTTP middleware to automatically insert Preload link headers in HTML responses. These Preload link headers allow for web browsers to initiate early resource fetching before being needed for execution. If true the corresponding subresources are parsed and added as a Preload Link headers.

react-image-fallback - stop displaying broken images, have another image to fallback on.

  •    Javascript

A string represent the url to your primary image. A string representing the image you want to fallback to if your primary image is not there. Optionally this can also be passed in as a react element. This can also be passed in as an array of string srcs or react elements, the component will attempt to keep trying srcs until a loadable src is found. It should be noted that a react element will always be treated as a loadable src.

redux-preload - Preload actions on both server & client side (allows deep nesting of components)

  •    Javascript

Module is using to dispatch some actions (usually async data fetching) immediately after the rendering occurs. Works both on client and server sides. On server to get all goodness of isomorphic-deeply-nested-component-data-prefetch you need to call serverPreload(routerContext) with router context.

jquery.preload - A jQuery plugin that preloads images.

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin that preloads images. There are times that we need to preload images to bring better user experience. You will not want your users to wait for 2 seconds when they hover their mouse over the navigation menu before the background image actually appears; or keep them waiting too long when they switch a slideshow. This plugin can also be useful when you want to add more images on the page through a ajax call.

seajs-preload - A Sea.js plugin for circular preload

  •    Javascript

A Sea.js plugin for circular preload

vue-preload - Plugin SSR Vue adding <link rel="preload" capabilities

  •    Javascript

Tool for Vue.js SSR apps that include other resources that may be handy to preload to improve performance. Preload single resource. You can provide type and optionaly a callback on when the resource is available.

quick-loader - quick-loader is an asset loader that loads everything

  •    Javascript

quick-loader is an asset loader that loads everything. Say you have some third party libraries with their own loader modules, you can pipe the loading progress into quick-loader's loading pipeline. It also does basic loading for image, json, jsonp, text, video and audio. Add several assets to the loader and get the percent of the batch loading.

grunt-preload-assets - A Grunt plugin for generating preload assets manifest files

  •    Javascript

A Grunt plugin for generating preload assets manifest files. Supports PreloadJS, PxLoader, JSON, JS, CSV, and unlimited support for multiple formats by using underscore templates. By @gunta. Run this task with the grunt preload_assets command.

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