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django-rules - Awesome Django authorization, without the database

  •    Python

rules is a tiny but powerful app providing object-level permissions to Django, without requiring a database. At its core, it is a generic framework for building rule-based systems, similar to decision trees. It can also be used as a standalone library in other contexts and frameworks. rules requires Python 2.7/3.4 or newer. It can optionally integrate with Django, in which case requires Django 1.11 or newer.

spec - Data specification conformance and generation for Elixir

  •    Elixir

Spec is an Elixir data validation library inspired on clojure.spec. Specs cannot be used for pattern matching nor in function head guards, as validating with Spec could involve calling some Elixir runtime functions which are not allowed inside a pattern match. If you are looking for a way to create composable patterns take a look at Expat. You can for example, conform your data with Spec and then pattern match on the conformed value using Expat to easily extract values from it.

check-types.js - A little JavaScript library for asserting types and values.

  •    Javascript

A little JavaScript library for asserting types and values. Writing explicit conditions in your functions to check arguments and throw exceptions is a task that swiftly becomes tiresome and adds complexity to your codebase.

predicates - Predicates for type checking, assertions, filtering etc

  •    TypeScript

Set of various predicates for type checking, simple assertions, filtering etc. Most of type checking, utility libraries force you use predicates with only one argument but predicates doesn.t Additionally predicates preserves the context of function call which allows you to create even more powerful logic.

predicate - Adding clarity and conciseness to your JS through predicates

  •    Javascript

predicate.js is a predicate library for JavaScript. predicate doesn't have any dependencies which makes it easy to integrate into new and existing projects. npm run build.

hamkrest - Hamcrest for Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

A reimplementation of Hamcrest to take advantage of Kotlin language features. Note: as of version, you must add kotlin-reflect to the classpath to use HamKrest's reflective features.

assess - Test support functions for Emacs

  •    Emacs

Assess provides additional support for testing Emacs packages. Assess aims to be a stateless as possible, leaving Emacs unchanged whether the tests succeed or fail, with respect to buffers, open files and so on; this helps to keep tests independent from each other.

validation-components - A collection of common validation predicates for ValidationToolkit framework

  •    Swift

Validation Components extends the ValidationToolkit framework by offering a collection of common validation predicates that most of the projects can benefit of. Please note that ValidationComponents requires ValidationToolkit.