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Mango - specialized iterators and functions

Mango is a Java library consisting of a number of iterators, algorithms and functions, loosely inspired by the C++ Standard Template Library. It has support of 12 iterators, 16 generic algorithms and variety of function types.

Composite Specification Pattern

I have implemented the Specification pattern using the Composite pattern in order to provide the ability to combine Specifications in various ways. I really needed this in a project, and I was surprised that I could not find any .NET implementations out in the blogoshpere, so...

typ - Type predicates and assertions for Node.

This Node module is meant to provide a unified place to ask and assert about all the built-in JavaScript and core Node types."Typ" is German for "type". Also, as of this writing, both "type" and "types" were taken in the npm module registry. The name was picked to be both memorable and short, the latter in order to encourage it to be used liberally.