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myth - A CSS preprocessor that acts like a polyfill for future versions of the spec.

  •    Javascript

CSS the way it was imagined. Myth is a preprocessor that lets you write pure CSS without having to worry about slow browser support, or even slow spec approval. It's like a CSS polyfill.

respec - A tool for creating technical documents and web standards

  •    Javascript

ReSpec is a JS library that makes it easier to write technical specifications, or documents that tend to be technical in nature in general. It was originally designed for the purpose of writing W3C specifications, but has since grown to be able to support other outputs as well. If you are just interested in writing a spec, you can grab the starter spec.

assemble-less - Grunt task for compiling LESS to CSS

  •    Javascript

Compile LESS to CSS. Adds experimental features that extend Less.js for maintaining UI components, 'bundles' and themes. From Jon Schlinkert, core team member of Less.js. This project is a fork of the popular grunt-contrib-less plugin by the talented Tyler Kellen. Please use that plugin if you require something stable and dependable.

node-infuse - Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

  •    Javascript

Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption. Infuse bundles up your node JavaScript files by following the require("moduleName") statements in your source file(s), and then bundles it all up, and uglifies (minimizes) it into one JavaScript file.

mixr - Mixr, is a compiler and pre-processor for your Javascript and CSS in Node

  •    Javascript

Mixr, is a Node.JS compiler and pre-processor for your Javascript and CSS (compatible with Express.js). Mixr will take the file you ask it to and output them in to a single file, compiling any Less or CoffeeScript files given..

cpip - CPIP - a C/C++ preprocessor implemented in Python.

  •    Python

CPIP is a C/C++ Preprocessor implemented in Python. It faithfully records all aspects of preprocessing and can produce visualisations that make debugging preprocessing far easier. There are other installation methods including directly from source.


  •    Javascript

Provides a JavaScript source file preprocessor, e.g. to build different versions of a library. It's for example used to build ProtoBuf.js (its build and main script are quite good examples). Deprecation notice: Preprocessor.js has been deprecated in favor of MetaScript, a much more JavaScripty way for build time meta programming using JavaScript itself as the meta language. Check out the migration guide to get a quick impression of its merits.

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