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MemPowered, a Powershell memcached client. This software is a Powershell v2.0 module which can communicate with a memcached cluster. It was created mainly for educational purposes for .NET developers using memcached as a distributed cache.

Isolated Storage


A PowerShell module for accessing .NET Isolated Storage as a drive.

PSRR - Remote Registry PowerShell 3.0 Module


Remote Registry PowerShell Module to manage the registry with Windows PowerShell. This version supports the new improvement in .NET 4 to specify a 32-bit or 64-bit view of the registry with the Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView enumeration when you open base keys.

PowerShell Proxy Extensions (Beta)


Create proxy functions without writing proxy command internals with the PowerShell Proxy Extensions module. Creating proxy functions has never been easier!



PoshOnTap is a Powershell module that enables a storage administrator to Manage a NetApp filer via the ManageOnTap API. ** Depreciated use the official PowerShell module provided by NetApp **

UI Automation PowerShell Extensions

  •    DotNet

The UIAutomation module simplifies software testing automation when you are working on GUI tests. Based on the UI Automation library that is a part of .Net Framework since 3.0, the module is intended to make life of software engineers as easy as it may be.



Mercurial integration for Windows Powershell

SQL Server PowerShell Extensions


The primary goal of SQL Server PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX) is to provide intuitive functions around the SMO objects which are backward compatible with SQL 2000. A secondary goal is to provide an application which reports flatten/effective security settings.

Windows7Library for Powershell


A module for Powershell 2.0 to handle Windows Libraries in Windows 7

PowerShell Module distribution using NuGet.


PSModule serves as default package tag and also collection of PowerShell module that will be distributed through NuGet. It makes easier for IT-PRO or IT-DEV to add, remove, and update PowerShell module. You will no longer have to manually check for an update and download c...



Set of class and powershell to manage business object job servers. Built on BO XI 3.1 with Crystal Enterprise .Net API framework Built on BO XI 4.0 SP2 with Crystal Enterprise .Net API framework

PowerShell Management Library for TEM


A project to provide a PowerShell functionality for managing your Tivoli Endpoint Manager (built upon BigFix technology). You can locally or remotely manage endpoints and relays via these simple and easy to use PowerShell Module.

git-psradar - A heads up display for git. A PowerShell port of git-radar

  •    PowerShell

A PowerShell port of git-radar. A heads up display for git. The Git Radar prompt will automatically toggle after you import the Git-PsRadar module in to your session and cd in to a git repository. The example below shows the mater branch with 1 modified file staged for commit, 1 deleted, 1 modified and 2 new files not yet staged for commit.

PSelect - PowerShell DSL for aggregating data

  •    PowerShell

A SQL-ish DSL in PowerShell to assist in aggregating collections of data.

Posh-ACME - ACMEv2 protocol client for generating certificates using Let's Encrypt (or other ACMEv2 compliant CA)

  •    PowerShell

An ACME v2 client implemented as a Windows PowerShell module that enables you to generate publicly trusted SSL/TLS certificates from an ACME capable certificate authority such as Let's Encrypt. The latest release version can found in the PowerShell Gallery. Installing from the gallery requires the PowerShellGet module which is installed by default on Windows 10 or later and all versions of PowerShell Core. See Getting Started with the Gallery for instructions on earlier OSes. Zip/Tar versions can also be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.

au - Chocolatey Automatic Package Updater Module

  •    PowerShell

This PowerShell module implements functions that can be used to automate Chocolatey package updates. To learn more about Chocolatey automatic packages, please refer to the relevant documentation. To see AU in action see video tutorial.

posh - Powershell modules and functions by majkinetor

  •    PowerShell

This repository contains number of PowerShell modules I develop for various needs during my work on number of other projects. Every module is well documented and intented to work on any computer having adequate version of PowerShell.

TFS - Powershell module to drive TFS 2015+ via REST interface

  •    PowerShell

This is Powershell module to communicate with Team Foundation Server 2015 via its REST interface. It provides commands which allow you to create, update, export and import build definitions, get build logs, projects, repositories etc. The goal of the module is to be able to automate TFS setup and put its configuration on the project repository. The module is tested with Team Foundation Server Update 2.

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