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Wagner - Effects composer for three.js

  •    Javascript

Please use it only for review and test purposes. Don't hesitate to add issues or open a conversation about design decisions. Most of the shaders are from https://github.com/evanw/glfx.js. Others are from different sources and forums, papers, or my own.

react-postprocessing - 📬 postprocessing for react-three-fiber

  •    TypeScript

react-postprocessing is a postprocessing wrapper for @react-three/fiber. This is not (yet) meant for complex orchestration of effects, but can save you hundreds of LOC for a straight forward effects-chain. This library provides an EffectPass which automatically organizes and merges any given combination of effects. This minimizes the amount of render operations and makes it possible to combine many effects without the performance penalties of traditional pass chaining. Additionally, every effect can choose its own blend function.

postcss-plugins - The "officially unofficial" consolidated list of PostCSS plugins in a ready-to-use package

  •    Javascript

The "officially unofficial" consolidated list of PostCSS plugins in a ready-to-use package. There are over a hundred wonderful developers building amazing PostCSS plugins. The running list of plugins grows quickly, and is used in many places. One such place is on the searchable postcss.parts built by @mxstbr. Another is in the PostCSS Alfred Workflow created by @chrisopedia. These are great resources for developers to find and use plugins, and this list helps keep them all up to date.

HexBokehBlur - Hexagonal Bokeh Blur

  •    HLSL

This sample is the companion code to the blog post "Hexagonal Bokeh Blur Revisited".

group-css-media-queries - CSS postprocessing: group media queries

  •    CoffeeScript

CSS postprocessing: group media queries. Useful for postprocessing preprocessed CSS files :)

aframe-effects - A VR Ready Post processing framework for Three.js and/or A-Frame

  •    Javascript

A modular api is provided where effects can act as both input and output for other effects. Effect shader chunks and uniforms are fused together, as possible, in uber shaders for performance. The effect fusion mechanism allows efficient setups of high complexity to be implemented effortlessly in declarative fashion. The framework is also VR Ready. Mechanisms are provided to deal with the issues stemming from the stereo rendering setup required, and all core effects utilize them to ensure proper post processing operations in VR.

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