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Popcorn - 🍿 Watch movies and TV shows, made easy.

  •    CSharp

Popcorn is a simple application which lets you watch any movie or TV show instantly. Windows 7+ is supported (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10).

leaky-gems - A list of Ruby gems that have known memory leaks (and issues)


Your Ruby app leaks memory if you see gems above in your Gemfile.lock. The list above may save you a week or more of your personal life. It appears some contributors submit gems with known memory issues, but not actual leaks. While those issues don't qualify as leaks they may still be important. I prefer listing them here to help other developers rather than just hiding them.

PopcornTimeTV - Popcorn Time for Apple TV 4, iPhone and iPad

  •    Swift

PopcornTimeTV was an Apple TV, iPhone and iPad application to torrent movies and tv shows for streaming. Since 2016, this project has grown exponentially - both in its user base and in its functionality. However, the team size has gone the other way. We went from having 13+ developers on the team to 1 developer and 1 designer, both of whom have lives and projects outside of Popcorn Time. We have decided that we have given our all to this project and it's time for us to move on to pursue greater things. There is no doubt that this comes with a heavy heart as we have learned so much from this project and watched it grow from this simple torrenting app that could only play 720p video, to what it is today.

OpenTheatre - Search movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents and archives from open directories

  •    CSharp

OpenTheatre is a program which allows users to search for Movies, TV Series, Anime, Subtitles, Torrents and Archives. The program communicates with its own API written entirely using our custom built command-line web crawler designed to scrape information from trusted files which are updated every day. The public web resources used are available on our open assets database, where anyone can contribute their open directories. OpenTheatre works to query movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents and archives from all around the web to provide you with the ultimate streaming experience.

OpenTheatre - Search movies, series, anime, subtitles, torrents from open directories

  •    CSharp

OpenTheatre allows you to search for movies, series, anime, subtitles and torrents files available hosted all over the Internet found in open directories. We've gathered all the appropriate files out there so you don't have to. Created by a few friends who wanted to come up with something different.

popcorn - Sample Montage application

  •    Javascript

Thank your for exploring our Popcorn demo application. Popcorn is a movie discovery applicaton optimized for mobile devices. It uses the Rotten Tomatoes RESTful web service to expose data on new and upcoming theatrical releases and rentals. Users can scroll through a list of movies, filter by categories (such as top box office or upcoming releases), read details on selected movies, and watch YouTube trailers inside the application.

show-time - Watch TV shows and movies with a simple CLI

  •    Javascript

Those steps are optional, you can just run show-time and skip the feed option, you'll be in "Browse mode" by default. Binding arbitrary free ports and not playing video means you can run the command as many times as you want.

oral-history-template - A simple template for annotating oral histories on the web

  •    Javascript

Using these libraries gets us one step closer to “real-world” web development, where HTML and CSS is just a small part of your development time. You should edit your files in Atom and make sure you have the htnl-preview package installed (go to Settings -> Install and search for “html preview”. Remarkable will only be able to access the contents of index.md properly when index.html being served by a webserver – fortunately the html preview runs a tiny server for you inside your editor. But if you try to just double click on index.html and open it in Google Chrome, you’ll be disappointed.

eztvapi - A client for the Popcorn TV shows API

  •    Javascript

A Node.js client for the Popcorn API used in PopcornTime. Here's an example how to fetch all the shows with all the episodes.

popcorn-time-desktop - 🍿 🕐 🎞 A Modern Popcorn Time Client

  •    Javascript

I am a tester: Download the latest build from the releases section. I am a developer: Compile the project with the installation steps below.

PopcornAPI - Popcorn API

  •    CSharp

This ASP.NET Core web app aims to provide a powerful API for Popcorn. Images and torrent files are stored on Azure Blob Storage (geo-redundant).

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