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json-mobx - Simple undo/redo and persistence for MobX

  •    TypeScript

Based on a single trivial concept: an object must have a mutable property called json that holds its JSON representation (and by JSON we mean a plain object tree that can be round-tripped via JSON). As the json property is mutable, it means you can restore the object to a prior state by assigning to its json property. This is in contrast to most serialization systems which deserialize by creating a brand new tree of objects. Here we tend towards reconciling or minimally updating an existing tree to bring it into line with the provided JSON.

polymorphic - Polymorphic values in Scala

  •    Scala

Un-boxed existential and universal quantifiers. Note that Forall[F] is evaluated eagerly and only once. If you need a lazy version of Forall you might want to consider wrapping F into cats.Eval or similar.

genfun - Prototype-friendly multimethods for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

genfun is a Javascript library that lets you define generic functions: regular-seeming functions that can be invoked just like any other function, but that automatically dispatch methods based on the combination of arguments passed to it when it's called, also known as multiple dispatch. It was inspired by Slate, CLOS and Sheeple.

refmt - Object mapping for golang.

  •    Go

refmt is a serialization and object-mapping library. Mostly because I have some types which I need to encode in two different ways, and that needs to not suck, and that totally sucks with most serialization libraries I've used. Also, I need to serialize things in different formats, e.g. sometimes JSON and other times CBOR, and that needs to work without me wrestling two different object-serial libraries and configs.