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playup - Publish APKs to Google Play directly from the terminal

  •    Javascript

First you have to create a Google Play API Access. To do that go to the Google Play Developer Console and then with the account owner go to Settings -> API access and create a Google Play Android Developer project. After that follow the instructions to create a Service Account. When you click Create Client ID, choose Service Account. You will get a JSON file with a public key and the service email.

node-google-play - Get details and download apps from https://play

  •    Javascript

Call Google Play APIs from Node. You might want to check out the CLI package as well. By default behaves like a Nexus device with SDK 23 for app downloads.

Open-Mam - Open Source Mobile Application Management (WORK IN PROGRESS)

  •    Java

Open-Mam is an open-source mobile application management, With this project, you will have your own mobile store, linked with your own server. The main goal is to distribute your applications to your employers, your beta-testers or your clients, but without sending your application binaries on the cloud, you will handle their storage.

ReviewMe - Google Play and App Store reviews posted to Slack

  •    Javascript

ReviewMe is a nodejs app that monitors App Store and Google Play reviews, and posts them to Slack.