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gitfiti - abusing github commit history for the lulz

  •    Python

gitfiti noun : Carefully crafted graffiti in a github commit history calendar. gitfiti.py is a tool I wrote to decorate your github account's commit history calendar by (blatantly) abusing git's ability to accept commits in the past.

tinyrenderer - A brief computer graphics / rendering course

  •    C++

Check the wiki for the detailed lessons. My source code is irrelevant. Read the wiki and implement your own renderer. Only when you suffer through all the tiny details you will learn what is going on. I do want to get emails for feedback (dmitry.sokolov@univ-lorraine.fr); do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

three-png-stream - streams ThreeJS render target pixel data

  •    Javascript

Streams a PNG encoded pixels from a ThreeJS WebGLRenderTarget. This is done in chunks of gl.readPixels, using gl-pixel-stream, and works with render targets upwards of 10000x10000 pixels in Chrome (or more, depending on your GPU).The following transparent PNG image was generated with ThreeJS on the client side using the example/ code. See Running from Source for details.

dom-css - fast dom CSS styling

  •    Javascript

Small module for fast and reliable DOM styling.Note: The get() method does not compute an element's style, it only fetches the currently set inline style.

get-image-pixels - Gets the RGBA pixel array from an Image/Video/Canvas source

  •    Javascript

Uses an intermediary canvas node to grab the RGBA pixels of the given source, with an optional clipping region. Works on HTML Canvas, Image, and Video elements.Gets the RGBA pixels from HTML Image/Video/Canvas element as a Uint8Array with some optional parameters.

get-rgba-palette - gets a palette of prominent colors from an array of pixels

  •    Javascript

Gets a palette of prominent colors from a flat array of RGBA pixels.Gets an array of RGB colors from an image (pixels is a flat RGBA array). Defaults to a count of 5 colors and a quality setting of 10.

8bit - 🎮 Transform images into pixelated artwork

  •    Javascript

8Bit is a javascript module that converts an image into a pixelated version using canvas. You can find a demo here.

translucify - Makes an image's background transparent. Replaces <img> with <canvas>.

  •    Javascript

Makes an image's background pixels transparent. Replaces img with canvas. Use the flood-fill method for making the background transparent.

get-image-colors - Extract colors from GIF, PNG, JPG, and SVG images

  •    Javascript

This package is intended for use in node environments. It won't work in a browser because it has node-specific dependencies. You can also use a buffer as an input source.

IRLSize - A library for determining the actual physical size of pixels on an iOS device.

  •    Objective-C

All IRLSize methods have two versions: one that uses NSMeasurement in iOS 10/watchOS 3 and later, and one that uses the IRLRawLengthMeasurement type (a float measuring meters). If a view is on a secondary screen (i.e. if you’re using an external display) the measurements will be returned as nil.

g.js - Graphic objects JS library.

  •    Javascript

g.js is a JavaScript library for working with graphical objects. It provides a unified API for working with vector graphics (rectangles, paths, and text) and images. Download the latest ZIP and grab the files in the dist folder. These are compiled.

PixlView - Mac tool to view raw pixel data in a variety of formats

  •    Objective-C

PixlView is a work in progress. Stuff may be broken. Copyright (c) Sveinbjorn Thordarson sveinbjornt@gmail.com All rights reserved.

oldie - Compile CSS compatible with old Internet Explorer

  •    Javascript

Oldie tranforms CSS to be compatible with old Internet Explorer. If you’re like me, you stopped supporting IE8 years ago. Yet, here you are, satisfying another client that somehow managed to get this requirement past you.

img-to-svg - Convert the image pixels in SVG squares.

  •    Javascript

Convert the image pixels in SVG squares. This parse the image pixels, image-to-ascii is used.

ViewabilityHelper - Lightweight cross-browser library that enables you to create a watcher for a given element, and receive a callback for it's intersections with the viewport

  •    Javascript

Viewability Helper uses Intersection Observer API if available. If it's not, the library makes the calculations itself. Browser support for the Intersection Observer API can be found here. Note: Not working when Intersection Observer is not supported and the script is running inside an iframe.

pixel-bird-jump - 🐦 A small flappy-bird-like game demo by Godot engine

  •    GDScript

It's a Flappy-Bird-Like game demo that I create it to learn the godot engine usage by project. Please give it a little patience, the loading time based on your browser and networking.

pixel-grid - render a grid of small squares

  •    Javascript

Small module for rendering a grid of squares. Handles a wide variety of inputs, and supports custom sizing and spacing. Use it for data visualization, for art, or just for fun! Built with webgl and regl so it's pretty fast.

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