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gitfiti - abusing github commit history for the lulz

  •    Python

gitfiti noun : Carefully crafted graffiti in a github commit history calendar. gitfiti.py is a tool I wrote to decorate your github account's commit history calendar by (blatantly) abusing git's ability to accept commits in the past.

badsanta - BadSanta - Multiplayer HTML5 Game (http://santa.qake.se)

  •    Javascript

Bad Santa - Multiplayer HTML5 Game (http://santa.qake.se) made with phaser and nodejs. Creates a "dist" directory with everything needed.

PixelartJS - A simple tool for generating pixel art

  •    Javascript

PixelartJS is a small tool which allows you to generate canvas images from characters. It's purpose is to be customizable as well, for the moment you change parameters like color, set a color map (by character), and specify the size of the pixels in the generated image.

gb-convert - Gameboy tile conversion and map editor tool

  •    C

Gameboy-convert is a simple tool to convert png images, into a format supported by Gameboy assembly. It currently takes in a png file, and outputs it in an assembly format you can use when developing for the Gameboy. Eventually this will be used in a Gameboy homebrew tutorial I am writing on my website.

openfl-aseprite - Use Aseprite files as Sprites in OpenFL projects

  •    Haxe

Load and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format. Based on ase library. The main class of the library (aseprite.Aseprite) extends openfl.display.Sprite so you can use it just like any other OpenFL sprite.

OpenHV - A mod for OpenRA based solely on Open Source assets

  •    CSharp

A mod for OpenRA based on the Hard Vacuum design by Daniel Cook. It aims to be an open content game with no exceptions. To launch the project from the development environment you must first compile the project by running make.cmd (Windows), or opening a terminal in the SDK directory and running make (Linux / macOS). You can then run launch-game.cmd (Windows) or launch-game.sh (Linux / macOS) to run the game. More details on building the game are available at the wiki.

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