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AndroidPileLayout - An abnormal horizontal ListView-like pile layout with stretch and contraction effects

  •    Java

An abnormal horizontal ListView-like pile layout. The following pictures were captured earlier. Since the source code and the outputted-apk have changed some params, you will have a different UI when you directly run the code or install the apk file. Hope there has no confusions later.


  •    Javascript

Customizations of the plugin available upon request for some reasonable price. Contact me. Would you like to have a website using pilePage.js functionality but you don't know how to use it? I can do it for you for a reasonable price. Contact me.

nfx - .NET Standard Unistack Framework

  •    CSharp

NFX(v5 and beyond) is based on .Net Standard 2, having all of cli tools targeting both .NET FX 4.7.1+ and .NET Core 2+. Future NFX will not officially support targets below .NET 4.7.1 (though possible) and .NET Core 2. The legacy NFXv3* repo will continue to target .NET 4.5/Mono and may be supported for major bug fixes however all new feature development is going to happen here in NFXv5+.

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