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scissors - ✂ Android image cropping library

  •    Java

Fixed viewport image cropping library for Android with built-in support for Picasso, Glide or Universal Image Loader. See scissors-sample.

faker - A kotlin extension to load images asynchronously on android

  •    Kotlin

Here are some examples to provide you a head start with using this library.

FoodSearch - Showcase project of MVP+Dagger+RxJava+StorIO

  •    Java

It makes use of the most popular and hyped pattern in Android these days. Dagger + MVP + RxJava. StorIO for my DAO Implementation.

ImageLoaderProcessor - 优雅的实现Android主流图片框架封装,可无缝侵入切换图片框架

  •    Java


GSYImageLoader - GSYImageLoader图片加载管理,集成Glide、Picasso、Fresco的kotlin图片管理器,一键切换图片加载类,提供常用的图片相关功能接口。

  •    Kotlin



  •    Javascript

A charting library streamlined for building visualizations for the Qlik Sense Analytics platform. Please follow the instructions in our contributing guide.

ZigzagRecyclerView - A library that gives you a slant on the traditional Grid Recycler View

  •    Java

To use Zigzag Recycler View in your projects, simply add the library as a dependency to your build. Alternatively you can directly import the /library project into your Android Studio project and add it as a dependency in your build.gradle.

pikasso - Kotlin extensions for Picasso image loader

  •    Kotlin

Kotlin extensions for Picasso image loader. Call picasso to get global instance of Picasso. Or buildPicasso to invoke Picasso.Builder.

udacity-popular-movies - Udacity Popular Movies Android App Stage 2

  •    Java

The Popular Movies Android app, was made as part of Udacity's Android Developer Nanodegree Program. This app has adaptive UI for phone and tablet devices. It displays the Most Popular and Top Rated Movies. User has the ability to save favourite movies locally and view them even when is offline. Also can view movie details (rating, release date, duration, etc.), watch trailers, read reviews and share the movie. You can download an APK build on releases page.

android-auto-call-recorder - Open source android auto call recorder app

  •    Java

This README would normally document whatever steps are necessary to get your application up and running. Connect your device and launch the application in debug mode.