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phpbb - phpBB 3 Development: phpBB is a popular open-source bulletin board written in PHP

  •    PHP

phpBB is a free open-source bulletin board written in PHP. Get your copy of phpBB, find support and lots more on phpBB.com! Discuss the development on area51.

phpbb-3.1-ext-adduser - A port of the phpBB 3.0.x version of the Add User Mod

  •    PHP

##About phpBB Add User Extension allows an administrator of a forum to add a user into the phpBB database. ##Licensing phpBB Add User Mod is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 (GPL). A copy has been included in the package (license.txt).

documentation - Documentation for end-users: board visitors, moderators and administrators

  •    Python

Do you have an improvement? Did you fix a bug? Fork our GitHub repo, make your changes in a separate branch and send a pull request. Please read the Git Sub-Project Guidelines before forking and fixing bugs. If you have a translation please read the information on patches.

topicsolved - phpBB Topic Solved extension: Allows posting questions, and accepting answers as solved

  •    PHP

Allows posting questions, and accepting answers as solved. Solved indicators will be shown next to titles throughout forum and topic views. Mostly ideal for support forums, but can be customized for marking topics for other purposes such as classifieds being marked as sold.

ReIMG - phpBB extension for resizing posted images on the client side using JavaScript and a selection of lightbox-style libraries

  •    PHP

Starting with version 3.0 this is an extension for phpBB 3.1 that resizes inline posted images as well as attached images based in principle entirely on the MOD, which was versions 1 and 2.

nodebb-plugin-import - migrate your old crappy forum to NodeBB

  •    Javascript

Keep in mind that some Exporters may not be compatible or updated will all versions. File an issue when it's not. File an issue, request it. We usually would want a DB Dump and some time to write one out.

bitnami-docker-phpbb - Bitnami Docker Image for phpBB

  •    Dockerfile

If you need to build a community forum, try phpBB. First released in 2000, phpBB is a bulletin board solution that allows you to create forums and subforums. phpBB supports the notion of users and groups, file attachments, full-text search, notifications and more. Hundreds of modifications are available including themes, communications add-ons, spam management and more. NOTE: Debian 8 images have been deprecated in favor of Debian 9 images. Bitnami will not longer publish new Docker images based on Debian 8.

nodebb-plugin-import-phpbb - A phpBB2 to NodeBB data exporter

  •    Javascript

Use this to import data into NodeBB using nodebb-plugin-import. Have a look at the original UBB migrator for detailed instructions on how to use this importer.