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phobos - The standard library of the D programming language

  •    D

Phobos is the standard library that comes with the D Programming Language Compiler. Phobos is packaged together with the compiler. You should download the whole precompiled package.

phobos - Simplifying Kafka for ruby apps

  •    Ruby

Phobos is a micro framework and library for applications dealing with Apache Kafka.Why Phobos? Why not ruby-kafka directly? Well, ruby-kafka is just a client. You still need to write a lot of code to manage proper consuming and producing of messages. You need to do proper message routing, error handling, retrying, backing off and maybe logging/instrumenting the message management process. You also need to worry about setting up a platform independent test environment that works on CI as well as any local machine, and even on your deployment pipeline. Finally, you also need to consider how to deploy your app and how to start it.

phobos-infrastructure - Infrastructure used for trying out Phobos monitoring :eye: and tracing :dart:


This repository contains sets of docker-compose files used to help Phobos users evaluate the third party monitoring and tracing integrations supported by Phobos. These Docker files are not intended for production use. They are meant for evaluation purposes only.

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