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hyperhue - :rainbow: A fun HyperTerm theme that responds to your Philips Hue lights

  •    Javascript

A special theme for HyperTerm that changes color based on your Philips Hue lights.Styled after the demo theme Hyperyellow.

huebot - Changes a Phillips Hue light's color and flashes based on GitHub's status

  •    Ruby

When GitHub's status changes, @githubstatus Tweets. We use that as an inbound web hook to tell the app to change the light's state. The app streams the account's Tweets, and uses GitHub's status API to grab the current site status any time it changes, and then makes a call to an undocumented Hue API to set the light accordingly. Folow these instructions to get your bridge ID and token.

hubot-philipshue - control your philips hue lights like a bauce

  •    CoffeeScript

This is a Hubot script package that will control your Philips Hue lights. Uses the node-hue-api NPM package to communicate with the hue bridge.

hue-alfred-workflow - An Alfred workflow for controlling Philips Hue lights.

  •    Python

Quickly and easily control Philips Hue lights with Alfred. Note: groups:0 as seen above is autocompleted by the workflow after selecting room name, or in this case "All lights". Group '0' always refers to all lights. Each room name is associated with a specific group ID on the bridge. Remember this ID if you wish to create hotkeys for rooms (see below).

hue-dash - Control Hue lights with Amazon Dash buttons

  •    C

Abuse those inexpensive Amazon Dash Buttons to control your Hue Lights (or anything else, really). There are many different programs doing this already, but this one is especially lightweight and free of dependencies since it's only a very short C program which then invokes curl to talk to the Hue bridge. Setup your buttons like in the official guide, but abort setup before selecting a product to order. This way your button can connect to your WiFi but won't be able to order anything from Amazon.

hue-dashboard - A web interface for monitoring and controlling Philips Hue lights

  •    Haskell

Hue Dashboard is a web application for comfortably controlling Philips Hue lights from any device with a browser. Hue is Philips' product range of "smart" light bulbs and switches. Hue devices use ZigBee Light Link mesh networking to communicate. Part of the Hue system is a bridge which connects the Hue devices to the network. The bridge offers both an integration into Apple's HomeKit framework and its own REST / HTTP / JSON API. There's a growing number of apps, home automation systems and 3rd party ZigBee devices working with Hue.

Q42.HueApi - C# helper library to talk to the Philips Hue bridge

  •    CSharp

Open source library for communication with the Philips Hue bridge. This library covers all the Philips hue API calls! You can set the state of your lights, update the Bridge configuration, create groups, schedules etc. This Portable Library is compatible with: .Net45, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows 10 Universal Apps and the Xamarin Platform! Download directly from NuGet Q42.HueApi on NuGet.

rspec-hue_formatter - Bring RSpec integration into your room with Philips Hue

  •    Ruby

Bring RSpec integration into your room with Philips Hue. See the LICENSE.txt for details.

hue2mqtt.js - Gateway between a Philips Hue bridge and MQTT :bulb:

  •    Javascript

dersimn created a dockerized version of hue2mqtt.js. All config options can be set via environment variables also (uppercase, underscore).

huestacean - Philips Hue control app for desktop with screen syncing. C++ with Qt Quick GUI.

  •    C++

Philips Hue screen syncing app for Desktop. Uses Philips' new Entertainment API to sync the user's screen with their lights with very low latency. Downloadable binaries for Windows and macOS are available on the Releases page; see Installing for more information. It ought to also be possible to build the source for Linux but this has not yet been tested, see Building below.

huego - An extensive Philips Hue client library for Go with an emphasis on simplicity

  •    Go

An extensive Philips Hue client library for Go with an emphasis on simplicity. It is designed to be clean, unbloated and extensible. With Huego you can interact with any Philips Hue bridge and its resources including Lights, Groups, Scenes, Sensors, Rules, Schedules, Resourcelinks, Capabilities and Configuration . Get the package and import it in your code.

kelvin - Kelvin - The hue bot

  •    Go

Kelvin is a little helper bot who will automate the lights in your house. Its job is to adjust the color temperature and brightness in your home based on your local sunrise and sunset times and custom intervals defined by you. Think of it as f.lux or Apple's Night Shift for your home. Imagine your lights shine in an energetic but not too bright blue color to get you started in the early morning. On sunrise your lights will change to a more natural color temperature to reflect the sunlight outside. On sunset they will slowly fade to a warmer and softer color scheme perfectly suited to Netflix and chill. When it's time to go to bed Kelvin will reduce the intensity even more to get you into a sleepy mood. It will keep this reduced setting through the night so you don't get blinded by bright lights if you have to get up at night...

pimatic-hue-zll - Pimatic integration with Philips Hue (ZLL)

  •    CoffeeScript

Integration of Pimatic with (Zigbee Light Link based) Philips Hue networks, using the Philips Hue (bridge) API. This plugin allows control of Philips Hue lights and other Zigbee Light Link (ZLL) based devices from Pimatic, and the status of Hue devices can be observed and used as events for Pimatic rules interacting with other devices. Hue scenes that were created on the Hue bridge (by other apps) can be activated from Pimatic rules.

pimatic-hap - Pimatic homekit bridge

  •    CoffeeScript

pimatic-hap is a pimatic plugin that starts a Homekit Accessory Server and automatically publishes all devices configured in pimatic as Homekit Accessories using a single Accessory bridge. Currently it supports most devices that pimatic comes with OOB. Some device types cannot be supported because the HomeKit protocol doesn't have similar types.

filament - :bulb: GraphQL server for Philips Hue

  •    Javascript

Because GraphQL is amazing and so is home automation and I'm not choosing between them you can't make me. First off, you need lights. The special kind you can control with your smartphone and pretend you're telekinetic. I get mine from Philips. I think you can use other types, but I've never tried.

ioBroker.hue - Control Philips Hue Bridge

  •    Javascript

Connects Philips Hue LED Bulbs, Friends of Hue LED Lamps and Stripes and other SmartLink capable Devices (LivingWhites, some LivingColors) via Philips Hue Bridges to ioBroker. You must first link you HUE bridge with ioBroker.


  •    Python

Custom integration for Hue & Lutron Aurora Friends of Hue (FOH) remotes with Home Assistant. This custom integration provides the missing support for remote devices in the official Hue integration of HA Core, by registering the platform in the main integration and sharing the sensor data with it.

HueLightDJ - Hue Light DJ using Hue Entertainment API

  •    CSharp

This web app connects to a Philips Hue Bridge over the local network. It uses the Hue Entertainment API to update the lights almost instantly. Hue Light DJ is meant for setups with 20+ Hue Lights. Don't use this app for your personal setup with less than 5 lights. Things might get interesting with 10 lights, you can try it out. There is also a DEMO mode build in so you see how it would look like on a 20+ light setup. NOTE: Hue Entertainment supports max 10 lights in an Entertainment Group. To get this to work with more than 10 lights, you need to have 1 bridge for every 10 lights.

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