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helm-secrets - A helm plugin that help manage secrets with Git workflow and store them anywhere

  •    Shell

Developed and used in all environments in BaseCRM. We store secrets and values in helm_vars dir structure just like in this repository example dir. All this data versioned in GIT. Working in teams on multiple projects/regions/envs and multiple secrets files at once. We have Makefile in our Helm charts repo to simplify install helm-secrets plugin with helm and other stuff we use. Same Makefile used to rebuild all helm charts with dependencies and some other everyday helpers. Encrypting, Decrypting, Editing secrets on local clones, making #PR's and storing this in our helm charts repo encrypted with PGP, AWS KMS and GCP KMS. Deploying using helm-wrapper from local or from CI with same charts and secrets/values from GIT repository.

mailout - mailout - a https://caddyserver.com/ SMTP client email middleware with PGP encryption

  •    Go

Post form data from a website to this route and receive the data as nicely formatted email. Configuration values in brackets are optional.

nullchat - ad-hoc end-to-end encrypted chats with PGP

  •    Javascript

Ad-hoc secure messaging for all. nullchat is an ad-hoc secure messaging app that allows two users to share a link in order to open a secure PGP end-to-end encrypted messaging tunnel.

terraform-aws-iam-user - Terraform Module to provision a basic IAM user suitable for humans.

  •    HCL

Terraform Module to provision a basic IAM user suitable for humans. It will establish a login profile and associate the user with IAM groups. We do not recommend creating IAM users for any other purpose. For external systems (e.g. CI/CD) check out our terraform-aws-iam-system-user module.

google-kms-pgp - A CLI to use a Google Cloud KMS key for PGP signing operations.

  •    Go

This project lets you create PGP-compatible signatures using Google Cloud KMS asymmetric keys. It should be considered experimental. --export: generates and exports a PGP-compatible public key from a Google Cloud KMS key.

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