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Spilo - Highly available elephant herd: HA PostgreSQL cluster using Docker

  •    Python

Spilo is a Docker image that provides PostgreSQL and Patroni bundled together. Patroni is a template for PostgreSQL HA. Multiple Spilos can create a resilient High Available PostgreSQL cluster. For this, you'll need to start all participating Spilos with identical etcd addresses and cluster names.

ha-postgres-docker-stack - Postgres + patroni + wal-e + haproxy + etcd

  •    PLpgSQL

This is a docker compose file and some helper scripts to demonstrate how to deploy a highly available postgres cluster with automatic failover using docker swarm. Use the docker-stack.test.yml when running the suite or testing the stack on docker for mac for example.

ansible-role-patroni - :elephant: Ansible Role for Patroni


An Ansible role which installs and configures Patroni - HA solution for PostgreSQL. This role requires root privileges, so tell ansible to use become: true in any convenient way for you.