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Windows Update Notifier

Windows Update Notifier informs about Windows Updates via a desktop notification. Furthermore it enables to install Windows Defender Updates automatically.

daff - align and compare tables

This is a library for comparing tables, producing a summary of their differences, and using such a summary as a patch file. It is optimized for comparing tables that share a common origin, in other words multiple versions of the "same" table.


Implementation of JSON Patchwork, which defines a JSON document structure for expressing a sequence of value patching operations to apply from a source JSON document to a target JSON document.

phase-align - Aligns a pair of ndarrays up to translation

Aligns two ndarrays up to a translation such that the sum of squared differences between them is minimized. This can be used as a quick preprocess for other more detailed alignment algorithms.

live-patch - patch the source code of a running program

Currently this module is nothing more than cheap parlor tricks.Whether any module claiming these features can ever be more than flimsy cardboard is an open question.

divinityfourplayer - Patches Divinity: Original Sin with up to 4 players instead of just 2

A simple patcher for playing with up to 4 players for the game Divinitiy: Original Sin. The game and engine were built to support up to 4 players but for whatever reason they don't make it possible without modifying a few files literally changing a "2" to a "4" in various places to increase the limit from 2 to 4 players. As mentioned the changes needed are absurdly small and well known by the community. This patcher includes all the small (10 byte) strings and their replacements for applying and removing the 4 player patch.

mongoose-json-patch - Adds JSON Patch (RFC 6902) support to Mongoose models.

Adds JSON Patch (RFC 6902) support to Mongoose models. ###Don't patch like an idiot.

rfc6902 - Complete implementation of RFC6902. Demo:

Complete implementation of RFC6902 "JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Patch" (including RFC6901 "JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Pointer"), for creating and consuming application/json-patch+json documents. Also offers "diff" functionality without using Object.observe. Apply a patch to some object.

diff-json - A javascript object diff tool

A diff tool for javascript objects inspired by https://github.com/eugeneware/changeset. If a key is specified for an embedded array, the diff will be generated based on the objects have same keys.

javascript-hooker - Monkey-patch (hook) functions for debugging and stuff.

Monkey-patch (hook) functions for debugging and stuff. In the browser, you can attach Hooker's methods to any object.


An implementation of the JSONPatch and JSONPointer IETF RFCs that works in Node.JS and the Browser (as a plain module or with AMD). A Dharmafly project written by Thomas Parslow tom@almostobsolete.net and released with the kind permission of NetDev.