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parity - Fast, light, robust Ethereum implementation.

  •    Rust

Be sure to check out our wiki and the internal documentation for more information.Parity's goal is to be the fastest, lightest, and most secure Ethereum client. We are developing Parity using the sophisticated and cutting-edge Rust programming language. Parity is licensed under the GPLv3, and can be used for all your Ethereum needs.

Nethereum - Ethereum .Net cross platform integration library

  •    CSharp

Nethereum is the .Net integration library for Ethereum, simplifying the access and smart contract interaction with Ethereum nodes both public or permissioned like Geth, Parity or Quorum. Nethereum is developed targeting netstandard 1.1, net451 and also as a portable library, hence it is compatible with all the operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and OSX) and has been tested on cloud, mobile, desktop, Xbox, hololens and windows IoT.

substrate - Substrate: The platform for blockchain innovators

  •    Rust

Next-generation framework for blockchain innovation. At its heart, Substrate is a combination of three technologies: WebAssembly, Libp2p and AfG Consensus. It is both a library for building new blockchains and a "skeleton key" of a blockchain client, able to synchronise to any Substrate-based chain.

ethereum.rb - Ethereum library for the Ruby language

  •    Ruby

The goal of ethereum.rb is to make interacting with ethereum blockchain from ruby as fast and easy as possible (but not easier!). Before you run a program check that the node is running and accounts you want to spend from are unlocked.

Polkadot - Sharded protocol that enables blockchain networks to operate together seamlessly

  •    Rust

Polkadot enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset, not just tokens. Connecting to Polkadot gives you the ability to interoperate with a wide variety of blockchains in the Polkadot network.

ethereum-client-binaries - Download Ethereum client binaries for your OS

  •    Javascript

Download Ethereum client binaries for your OS.When you wish to run a local Ethereum client node it would be beneficial to first scan for existing node client binaries on the machine and then download appropriate client binaries if none found. This package does both.

js-api - JS Promise-based API library for interfacing with Ethereum over RPC, part of parity.js

  •    Javascript

Parity.js is a thin, fast, Promise-based wrapper around the Ethereum APIs.APIs implement the calls as exposed in the Ethcore JSON Ethereum RPC definitions. Mapping follows the naming conventions of the originals, i.e. eth_call becomes eth.call, personal_accounts becomes personal.accounts, etc.

oo7 - The Bond API.

  •    Javascript

A small library providing what might be termed as reactive expressions, Bonds (hence the name). Classes deriving from Bond are expected to determine when their value has changed and call trigger accordingly.TimeBond is provided as a simple expression type which evaluates to the current time and triggers an update once per second.

oo7-parity - Bond API for use with Parity

  •    Javascript

A library to provide Bond-related functionality for the Parity Ethereum implementation and other compatible systems.See the oo7-parity reference for more information on usage.

oo7-react - The Reactive Bond API

  •    Javascript

A small library to provide integration between React and Bonds.Provides the Reactive base component ReactiveComponent and a number of convenience components derived from it Reactive. The first provides an alternative to React.Component for classes whose state shall depend on Bonded expressions. It allows Bonds and Promises and plain data to be passed in as one or more named props (the names are passed in the constructor) or explicitly as fields in the constructors. In both cases, these reactive values show up as plain values of the same name in this.state.

parity-bridge - Bridge between any two ethereum-based networks

  •    Rust

Simple bridge between ValidatorSet-based parity chain (foreign) with any other Parity chain (home).

parity-reactive-ui - The Bond-based Parity Reactive UI library

  •    Javascript

A small library to provide oo7 (Joint Asynchronous Mapping Expression System) Bond-based Reactive components for Ethereum and Parity.

skeleton - A skeleton dapp

  •    Javascript

Files will be built into dist/. Just symlink that dir into your dapps path.

xor-stream - Take two readable streams and return a readable stream with the xor of the two input chunks

  •    Javascript

This can be used to calculate pairty blobs of the contents of two streams. Right now, if one file is longer than the other, xor-stream pads the shorter stream with 0 bytes, so recovering shorter files from the longer file XOR pairty will have extra byte padding at the end.

mydapp - Code from the dapp tutorial

  •    Javascript

Files will be build into dist/. Just symlink that dir into your dapps path.

docker-eth-dev - Hacking together a containerized environment for Ethereum development with Truffle using Parity

  •    Shell

I'm trying to find a suitable solution to the problem of having to run switch between running Ethereum nodes and running dapps. Most of the programs all use the same few ports and don't work together quite so well out of the box. Docker Compose seems like a reasonable solution - by setting up a virtual network of containers for individual services, and wrapping it behind a web proxy, it should remove a lot of the overhead of process and dependency management.

etherkube - Ethereum Kubernetes Sandbox

  •    Javascript

The purpose of the project is to simplify the process of launching a private Ethereum cluster, with the main use case which is testing Ethereum protocol modifications, private Dapp testing or for running a private blockchain.

docker-geth-lb - MyEtherWallet AWS set up

  •    Dockerfile

This project provides a means to quickly deploy public-facing Ethereum nodes using AWS CloudFormation technology. Under the hood we're using Docker, your choice of Geth or Parity, and an instance of ethstats to display real-time information about your deployed nodes.

myetherapi - An API by MyEtherWallet. ETH / Ropsten / JSON RPC / Web3

  •    Javascript

If you are looking for very intense setup or most customizable stuff, we highly recommend just spinning up your own AWS clone of what we've done: https://github.com/MyEtherWallet/docker-geth-lb. Be safe & secure & always back up your keys.