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closure_tree - Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord models support hierarchies

  •    Ruby

Common applications include modeling hierarchical data, like tags, threaded comments, page graphs in CMSes, and tracking user referrals. See Bill Karwin's excellent Models for hierarchical data presentation for a description of different tree storage algorithms.

element-queries-spec - A spec for a Container-Style Element Query Syntax

  •    HTML

This spec aims to define a syntax for scoped styles and element queries in a container query style, as well as the related selectors, functions, and units that make scoped styles and element queries versatile and powerful way to write layout-independent responsive conditions for elements in CSS. As a reference for the syntax described in the spec, I have included a JavaScript plugin that reads the proposed syntax and displays the desired behaviour of the proposed functionality.

scrollparent.js - A function to get the scrolling parent of an html element.

  •    HTML

A function to get the scrolling parent of an html element.This should give a usable result in most browsers today but if you want to ensure full support you should use a document.scrollingElement polyfill such as this one.

parent-module - Get the path of the parent module

  •    Javascript

Node.js exposes module.parent, but it only gives you the first cached parent, which is not necessarily the actual parent.By default it will return the path of the immediate parent.

find-up - Find a file or directory by walking up parent directories

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for either the filepath or null if it couldn't be found.Returns a Promise for either the first filepath found (by respecting the order) or null if none could be found.

node-commondir - Compute the closest common parent for file paths

  •    Javascript

Compute the closest common parent directory for an array absolutePaths.Compute the closest common parent directory for an array relativePaths which will be resolved for each dir in relativePaths according to: path.resolve(basedir, dir).

subdir - return whether a path is a sub-path

  •    Javascript

Return whether a path is a sub-path.This module doesn't do any IO, only pure path computations.

node-parents - return all the parent directories for a directory

  •    Javascript

Return all the parent directories of a directory, inclusive of that directory.Return an array of the parent directories of dir, including and starting with dir. If a dir isn't specified, process.cwd() will be used.

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