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osx-vm-templates - macOS templates for Packer and VeeWee.

  •    Shell

This is a set of Packer templates and support scripts that will prepare an OS X installer media that performs an unattended install for use with Packer and VeeWee. These were originally developed for VeeWee, but support for the VeeWee template has not been maintained since Packer's release and so it is only provided for historical purposes. I plan on removing VeeWee support from this repo soon, but VeeWee can still make use of the preparation script and the OS X template remains in the core VeeWee repo. It's possible to build a machine with different admin account settings, and without the vagrant ssh keys, for use with other systems, e.g. continuous integration.

vagrant-parallels - Vagrant Parallels Provider

  •    Ruby

Vagrant Parallels Provider is a plugin for Vagrant, allowing to manage Parallels Desktop virtual machines on macOS hosts. Note: Only Pro and Business editions of Parallels Desktop for Mac are compatible with this Vagrant provider. Standard edition doesn't have a full command line functionality and can not be used with Vagrant.

vagrant-docker-vm - :computer: Development Vagrant VM with Docker, Samba and Mail sandbox (customizable)

  •    Shell

Vagrant is a tool for automatic creation, configuration, management and provisioning of VMs inside VirtualBox, VMware and Parallels (and others). It will create and manage all VM network interfaces, shares and settings (eg. number of cpus, memory...). Hint: Vagrant doesn't provides GUI tools, it's just a CLI tool.