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CatPapers - Cool vision, learning, and graphics papers on Cats!

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As reported by Cisco, 90% of net traffic will be visual, and indeed, most of the visual data are cat photos and videos. Thus, understanding, modeling and synthesizing our feline friends becomes a more and more important research problem these days, especially for our cat lovers. Cat Paper Collection is an academic paper collection that includes computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning and human-computer interaction papers that produce experimental results related to cats. If you want to add/remove a paper, please send an email to Jun-Yan Zhu (junyanz at berkeley dot edu).

haper - FP & Haskell Paper collection; an better reference https://wiki.haskell.org/Research_papers

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= Purpose = A papers collection for Haskell, Functional Programming while learning. The multiple label in download section interested me.