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vcpkg - VC++ Packaging Tool

  •    CMake

Vcpkg helps you get C and C++ libraries on Windows. This tool and ecosystem are currently in a preview state; your involvement is vital to its success.For short description of available commands, run vcpkg help.

composer - Dependency Manager for PHP

  •    PHP

Composer helps you declare, manage, and install dependencies of PHP projects. See https://getcomposer.org/ for more information and documentation.

termux-packages - Android terminal and Linux environment - packages repository.

  •    Shell

This project contains scripts and patches to build packages for the Termux Android application. Note that packages are cross compiled and that on-device builds are not currently supported. For most people the best way to obtain an environment for building packages is by using Docker. This should work everywhere Docker is supported (replace / with \ if using Windows) and ensures an up to date build environment that is tested by other package builders.

mastering-modular-javascript - 📦 Module thinking, principles, design patterns and best practices.

  •    HTML

📦 Module thinking, principles, design patterns and best practices. Modular JavaScript is a book series with the mission of improving our collective understanding of writing robust, well-tested, modular JavaScript code. Mastering Modular JavaScript is the second book in the series, and it discusses modular JavaScript application development. Mastering Modular JavaScript includes hundreds of real-world patterns and practices, as well as detailed explanations of what works and what hasn’t when it comes to leveraging ES6 in the wild.

awesome-magento2 - Curated list of awesome Magento 2 Extensions, Resources and other Highlights


Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN) The Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN) is a vetted network of extension developers whose core business is to develop and sell quality Magento extensions. I founded ExtDN to bring accountability and trust to the Magento extension market. ExtDN members agree to hold themselves accountable to high standards of coding, copyright and business conduct. To the extent possible under law, David Lambauer has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

void-packages - The Void source packages collection

  •    Shell

This repository contains the XBPS source packages collection to build binary packages for the Void Linux distribution. The included xbps-src script will fetch and compile the sources, and install its files into a fake destdir to generate XBPS binary packages that can be installed or queried through the xbps-install(1) and xbps-query(1) utilities, respectively.

linklocal - Install local dependencies as symlinks.

  •    Javascript

linklocal is a development tool that reduces overheads of breaking your application into small packages. It gives you more expressive power than simple files and folders, yet requires far less overhead than versioning and publishing packages to a local private registry.Requires npm 2.0.0 and above in order for npm to recognise local paths as dependencies.

jwt-auth-guard - JWT Auth Guard for Laravel and Lumen Frameworks.

  •    PHP

JWT Auth Guard is a Laravel & Lumen Package that lets you use jwt as your driver for authentication guard in your application. The Guard uses tymon/jwt-auth package for authentication and token handling.

pacote - programmatic npm package and metadata downloader

  •    Javascript

pacote is a Node.js library for downloading npm-compatible packages. It supports all package specifier syntax that npm install and its ilk support. It transparently caches anything needed to reduce excess operations, using cacache. The pacote team enthusiastically welcomes contributions and project participation! There's a bunch of things you can do if you want to contribute! The Contributor Guide has all the information you need for everything from reporting bugs to contributing entire new features. Please don't hesitate to jump in if you'd like to, or even ask us questions if something isn't clear.

rock - Create semantic version tags for your Go packages, search and discover new packages

  •    Go

The rock command allows you to tag your code with releases that conform to semantic versioning easily.The rock tool search function uses gopher.rocks which holds metadata about Go packages.

packages - List of packages for Nimble

  •    Nim

This is a central listing of all packages for Nimble, a package manager for the Nim programming language.An overview of all Nimble packages is available in the library documentation.

rabbitmq-server-release - RabbitMQ release handling

  •    Shell

It uses Erlang.mk's PROJECT_VERSION variable to set the version of the source archive. If the variable is unset, Erlang.mk computes a value based on the last tag and the current HEAD.The version is automatically propagated to the broker and plugins so they all advertise the same version.

resolve-global - Resolve the path of a globally installed module

  •    Javascript

Throws if the module can't be found.Returns null instead of throwing if the module can't be found.

npm-dependency-db - Query npm dependents of a certain version or version range of a given package

  •    Javascript

Use npm-dependency-db to list which npm packages depends on a given version (or version range) of a given npm package.A hosted web version of this module exists at: dependency.land.

test-all-versions - Run your test suite against all published versions of a dependency

  •    Javascript

Run your test suite against all published versions of a given dependency.If tav is run without specifying a module, it will instead look for a .tav.yml file in cwd and expect that to contain all its configuration. This is similar to how Travis CI works with .travis.yml.

cruft - Delete cruft from npm packages

  •    Javascript

Package cruft removal.cruft tries to remove files from codebases that are not required in production such as documentation, tests and examples. This is potentially very dangerous, use with a high level of caution.

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