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NativeBase - Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native

  •    Javascript

NativeBase is a sleek, ingenious and dynamic front-end framework created by passionate React Loving team at Geekyants.com to build cross platform Android & iOS mobile apps using ready to use generic components of React Native. What is really great with NativeBase is that you can use shared UI cross-platform components, which will drastically increase your productivity. When using NativeBase, you can use any native third-party libraries out of the box.

rnpm - :iphone: React Native Package Manager

  •    Javascript

Last November me (@Kureev) and Mike (@grabbou) started RNPM. We aimed to bring you a better developer experience and bridge the tooling gap we had back then. Now, as you may know, RNPM is merged into React Native core. It means that from now on you don't need to install a third-party software to use your favorite linking functionality (just use a react-native cli). We'd like to say a big "Thank you!" to everybody who supported us, filed new issues, composed PRs and helped us to review them. Now, when RNPM is a part of React Native, we're going to seal this repository and keep working on React Native tooling inside the core. That said, I kindly ask you to file all new issues / prs in react-native repo and cc us. This repo (and other rnpm plugins) will be a available for a few more months in a read-only mode.

native-starter-kit - React Native Starter App with NativeBase + CodePush + Redux

  •    Javascript

Note: Shifted to React Navigation from React Native Router Flux in the master branch. React Navigation has become standard for navigation solution in React Native. We are just keeping up with the current trend. No need of reinventing the wheel. To have immediately something to continue building on, it would be best to start from some starter kit for getting React Native - based applications off the ground in a hurry.

electron-packager - Customize and package your Electron app with OS-specific bundles (

  •    Javascript

Package your Electron app into OS-specific bundles (.app, .exe, etc.) via JavaScript or the command line. Electron Packager is a command line tool and Node.js library that bundles Electron-based application source code with a renamed Electron executable and supporting files into folders ready for distribution.

nar - node

  •    LiveScript

Idiomatic application packager utility for node.js to create self-contained executable applications that are ready-to-ship-and-run.nar provides built-in support for creating, extracting, installing and running applications easily from a simple configuration through a featured command-line interface or evented programmatic API.

smoosh - something like a himalountain.

  •    Javascript

SMOOSH is a tool for packaging your CSS & JavaScript projects. It will lint your JavaScript with JSHint, then build and minify your files (if you'd like) with UglifyJS for JavaScript, and Sqwish for CSS. once installed, smoosh is pretty easy to use...

modules-webmake - Bundle CommonJS/Node.js modules for web browser

  •    Javascript

Bundle CommonJS/Node.js modules for web browsers. Webmake allows you to organize JavaScript code for the browser the same way as you do for Node.js.

JavaPackager - :package: Gradle/Maven plugin to package Java applications as native Windows, Mac OS X, or GNU/Linux executables and create installers for them

  •    Java

JavaPackager is a hybrid plugin for Maven and Gradle which provides an easy way to package Java applications in native Windows, Mac OS X or GNU/Linux executables, and generate installers for them. SNAPSHOT version is not released to Maven Central, so you have to install it manually.

electrify - Package your Meteor apps with Electron, and butter

  •    Javascript

Easily package your Meteor apps with Electron, and butter. Works on all Meteor's supported platforms.

assets-packager - Assets pipeline for ultra fast CSS and JavaScript packaging.

  •    Javascript

Assets-packager is a tool for compiling, minifying, and packaging CSS and JavaScript assets into production-ready packages.It is used as a part of build process for GoalSmashers.com and it takes around 10 seconds to buld 40 CSS and 20 JavaScript bundles from hundreds of assets.

grunt-electron - Package Electron apps

  •    Javascript

Issues should be reported on the electron-packager issue tracker.Please think hard if you really need grunt for this. A simple vanilla node build script would probably be better.

whackage - Multi-repo development tooling for React Native

  •    Javascript

React Native packager, the development server that bundles your app's JavaScript sources, has a few rough edges when it comes to developing apps and libraries that span across multiple repositories. It doesn't handle symlinks reliably, and the Haste module system gets easily confused by @providesModule declarations in subdependencies.Whackage is an npm link replacement that works with React Native. It synchronizes changes in your local workspace to your project's node_modules without using symlinks, and automatically generates a packager blacklist for linked modules to avoid Haste naming collisions.

install - Minimal JavaScript module loader

  •    Javascript

The CommonJS module syntax is one of the most widely accepted conventions in the JavaScript ecosystem. Everyone seems to agree that require and exports are a reasonable way of expressing module dependencies and interfaces, and the tools for managing modular code are getting better all the time. Much less of a consensus has developed around the best way to deliver CommonJS modules to a web browser, where the synchronous semantics of require pose a non-trivial implementation challenge. This module loader contributes to that confusion, yet also demonstrates that an amply-featured module loader need not stretch into the hundreds or thousands of lines.

elem - Build your frontend out of custom elements

  •    Javascript

An tiny and easy to use web framework based on making custom HTML elements. An elem is just a folder who's name is the tag name.

grunt-mootools-packager - Grunt task for MooTools Packager (YAML Package/Provides/Require Definitions)

  •    Javascript

Grunt task for MooTools Packager projects. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named packager to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

node-infuse - Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

  •    Javascript

Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption. Infuse bundles up your node JavaScript files by following the require("moduleName") statements in your source file(s), and then bundles it all up, and uglifies (minimizes) it into one JavaScript file.

wrapup - wraps up your node modules into web modules

  •    Javascript

After that, you will have access to wrup in your cli. In a nutshell, you tell WrapUp you require something, it calculates dependencies for something using static analysis, and compiles a single JavaScript file that only exposes that something you required. require paths inside modules are replaced with unique identifiers for brevity, and you will only be able to access directly that something you required, never dependencies (unless specifically required).

easy-rpm - Easily create RPM packages.

  •    Javascript

A Grunt task to easily create RPM packages. If you are interested in participating in the project, consult the Contributing section below.

aspa - End of Life Notice - January 2014: Please use ASPAX instead.

  •    CoffeeScript

ASPA is a simple opinionated web application asset packager for Node.js. If you like using this package, please consider switching to ASPAX for cleaner YML syntax, a smart plugin system to handle various source file types, and automatic watching of included files (i.e. Stylus @imports). Have a look at aspax.github.io for more information.

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