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gulp-chown - Change owner of Vinyl files

  •    Javascript

Arguments must be of the same type.The user name or user id to change ownership to.

metada - A browser extension to show you who owns the media you read

  •    Javascript

The browser (Chrome & Firefox) extension which shows you who owns the Media. For now, France only. Help wanted for more countries (front/back devs).

gdrive-transfer - Web app to transfer ownership of a Google Drive folder, including all sub-folders and documents

  •    Javascript

This is a Google Drive Web app hosted at the Chrome Web Store. This app will transfer ownership of a Google Drive folder, including ownership of all sub-folders and files. This extends the normal Google Drive functionality because Google Drive only allows you to transfer folders or files one at a time. Transferring ownership of a parent folder, for example, does not transfer ownership of the children files and folders. This app fills that gap by recursively transferring ownership of all files and folders within a single parent folder. If you attempt to transfer a folder and it (or any of its children files or folders) meets the first or second "prohibited" criteria, the web app will throw an error but continue transferring the eligible files and folders. If you attempt to transfer to someone outside your organization, the web app will freeze.