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A Semantic Framework for dealing with Human Geospatial Reasoning on Geo-Referenced Data.

d!sco - A Discussion Ontology Framework

d!sco is the implementation of a meta discussion system. It tries to rapid prototype an Ontology and Web API to serve as a data hub (node) inside a P2P network.


Logiciel d'Analyse Pour le web Sémantique Software "Laps" enables a graphic visualiation, making an object-oriented approch of the Semantic Web (OWL, RDFS).

xOWL Infrastructure

The xOWL Infrastructure brings the Model-Driven Engineering principles to domain experts by enabling them to build, execute and test models through visual notations specific to their domain. Experts from different domains can interact with the same model through different visu...

owljs - Javascript wrapper for the OWLAPI

A toolkit for working with OWL ontologies in javascript that leverages the java OWLAPI. owljs requires RingoJS, a CommonJS-based JavaScript runtime written in Java and based on the Mozilla Rhino JavaScript engine.

owl-toolkit - a set of command line tools for OWL files powered by owl-api

owl-toolkit is a set of command line tools for OWL files based on the owl-api library. Then you will find the generated zip file in the folder build/distributions.

owl-verbalizer - OWL verbalizer: making machine-readable knowledge also human-readable

OWL verbalizer is a tool that converts an OWL ontology into an Attempto Controlled English (ACE) text. For a demo visit the OWL verbalizer demo page.