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  •    CSharp

AspNet.Security.OpenIdConnect.Server is an advanced OAuth2/OpenID Connect server framework for both ASP.NET Core 1.x/2.x and OWIN/Katana 3.x/4.x, designed to offer a low-level, protocol-first approach. The latest official release can be found on NuGet and the nightly builds on MyGet.

AspNetKatana - Microsoft's OWIN implementation, the Katana project

  •    CSharp

Katana is a flexible set of components for building and hosting OWIN-based web applications on .NET Framework.This repo is the home for the Katana host, server, and middleware source code and documentation. Official releases of Katana components (including prerelease versions) can be found on https://nuget.org.

dotvvm - Open source MVVM framework for Web Apps

  •    CSharp

DotVVM is an ASP.NET framework that lets you build line-of-business applications and SPAs without writing tons of JavaScript code. You only have to write a viewmodel in C# and a view in HTML. DotVVM will do the rest for you.DotVVM brings full MVVM experience and it uses KnockoutJS on the client side. It handles the client-server communication, validation, date & time formatting on the client side, SPAs and much more.

embedio-extras - Additional Modules showing how to extend EmbedIO.

  •    CSharp

Additional Modules showing how to extend EmbedIO. Feel free to use these modules in your projects.Provides the ability to authenticate requests via a Bearer Token. This module creates a Token endpoint (at the predefined '/token' path) and all you need to do is provide a user validation delegate which authenticates the user. The module will create a JsonWebToken which can then be used by your client application for further requests. The module can check all incoming requests or a predefined set of paths. The standard header in use is the HTTP Authorization header.

Helmet - Middlewares to help secure your apps

  •    CSharp

Trying to prevent: Cross-site scripting attacks (XSS), a subset of the above.Limitations: This isn't anywhere near as thorough as Content Security Policy. It's only properly supported on IE9+ and Chrome; no other major browsers support it at this time. Old versions of IE support it in a buggy way, which we disable by default.

NLog.Owin.Logging - NLog logging adapter for OWIN

  •    CSharp

If you'd like to customize this translation table you can supply a Func<TraceEventType, LogLevel> to the extension above.

NancyOwinExample - Token Authentication with Nancy and Owin

  •    CSharp

Token Authentication with Nancy and Owin


  •    F#

Compression (Deflate / GZip) module for Microsoft OWIN Selfhost filesystem pipeline. With this module you can compress, deflate / gzip large files (like concatenated *.js or *.css files) to reduce amount of web traffic.

AwsLambdaOwin - Host owin applications in AWS lambda.

  •    CSharp

This package makes it easy to run OWIN applications as a Lambda function with API Gateway. This allows .NET core developers to create "serverless" applications using OWIN and any framework that supports OWIN. The function takes a request from an API Gateway Proxy and converts that request into an OWIN enviroment dictionary and then converts the response from your AppFunc into a response body that API Gateway Proxy understands.


  •    CSharp

Example Katana style middleware which contains one or more Microsoft.Owin.StaticFiles middleware that reconfigures itself based on changes to a config file triggered from a filesystem watcher. Run the host project, edit the config.txt file (should be obvious) and refresh the page.

owin.github.io - Main web site for OWIN

  •    HTML

Main web site for OWIN

Owin.HealthCheck - Health Check Middleware for the OWIN pipeline

  •    CSharp

This library provides a collection of health check mechanisms for the OWIN pipeline. It is recommended that HTTP server applications build a health check endpoint so that external resources can determine the health of the running application. A common usecase for health checks are load balanced applications as the load balancer should seek to eliminate unhealthy applications from the pool of potential servers. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Owin.ServiceStack - Host ServiceStack (v3) as OWIN middleware

  •    CSharp

Now, simply add a UseServiceStack statement to your IAppBuilder with arguments similar to what you'd typicaly pass to your current IAppHost implementation. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

connect-owin - Node.js connect middleware for .NET using OWIN

  •    CSharp

Implement node.js connect middleware in .NET using OWIN. Versions are incremented according to semver.

OWIN-WebAPI-Service - :white_check_mark: OWIN / WebAPI windows service example

  •    CSharp

Sometimes, you just need a good example to get started. The OWIN-WebAPI-Service project came out of a need to create a self-hosted WebAPI 2 service in a Windows service. Microsoft says that going forward, OWIN is the way to go. I wanted to use attribute routing in WebAPI 2. I couldn't find a decent example anywhere, so I created my own.

RuiJi.Net - crawler framework, distributed crawler extractor

  •    CSharp

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. RuiJi.Net is a distributed crawl framework written in netcore.

OWIN-MixedAuth - Mixed (Windows + Forms) Authentication for OWIN

  •    CSharp

OWIN middleware implementation mixing Windows and Forms Authentication. Important! MixedAuth is required to run in PipelineStage.PostAuthenticate, make sure the use statement is after any other middleware that uses PipelineStage.Authenticate. See OWIN Middleware in the IIS integrated pipeline.

stuntman - Library for impersonating users during development leveraging ASP.NET Identity.

  •    CSharp

Stuntman is a library for impersonating users during development leveraging .NET Claims Identity. Used primarily in web environments like ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, and OWIN applications that serve HTML. This allows you to test different user scenarios that exist in your application with minimal friction. It also allows you to share those scenarios with other team members via source control. Install the RimDev.Stuntman NuGet package.

AspNet.Security.OAuth.Extensions - OAuth2 extensions for ASP.NET Core and OWIN/Katana

  •    CSharp

AspNet.Security.OAuth.Extensions is a collection of token validation middleware for ASP.NET Core 1.0 and OWIN/Katana. The latest nightly builds can be found on MyGet.

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