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OVH-Monitoring - OVH VPS/Cloud Monitoring via OVH API

  •    PHP

OVH VPS/Cloud Monitoring via OVH API using PHP. Create monitoring.ini file next to public/ folder (see Configuration).

certbot-dns-ovh - Certbot plugin to respond to DNS-01 challenges by updating the zone.

  •    Javascript

Certbot hook scripts that allow to respond to DNS-01 challenges from Let's Encrypt by updating the DNS zone in an OVH account. There are several use cases for DNS challenge with Certbot. For example, when the server or machine that needs a certificate is not directly accessible from the internet; this way, you can secure machines and services in your internal network or company domain, even behind a firewall or VPN. Another example for this is to automatically deploy certificates to servers that for any reason cannot perform their challenges, like CDNs or other servers that for any reason cannot run Certbot. In this case you would need more automation to deliver the certificates securely to those hosts, but it's not the scope of this project.

csharp-ovh - Thin wrapper around OVH's APIs

  •    CSharp

Lightweight wrapper around OVH's APIs. Handles all the hard work including credential creation and requests signing. The easiest way to get the latest stable release is to grab it from NuGet.

OVH-Cloud-Snapshot - Create snapshots of your OVH Cloud instances and volumes via OVH API

  •    PHP

The format starts with the letter P, for "period." Each duration period is represented by an integer value followed by a period designator. If the duration contains time elements, that portion of the specification is preceded by the letter T. Here are some simple examples. Two days is P2D. Two seconds is PT2S. Six years and five minutes is P6YT5M.

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