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osmnx - OSMnx: Python for street networks

  •    Python

Retrieve, construct, analyze, and visualize street networks from OpenStreetMap: full overview. You can just as easily download and work with building footprints, elevation data, street bearings/orientations, and network routing.

overpass-turbo - A web based data mining tool for OpenStreetMap using Overpass API.

  •    Javascript

This is a GUI for testing and developing queries for the Overpass-API. It can also used for simple analysis of OSM data. Just point your browser to overpass-turbo.eu and start running your Overpass queries.

osmdata - R package for downloading OpenStreetMap data

  •    C++

osmdata is an R package for accessing OpenStreetMap (OSM) data using the Overpass API. The Overpass API (or OSM3S) is a read-only API that serves up custom selected parts of the OSM map data. Map data can be returned either as Simple Features (sf) or Spatial (sp) objects.OSM data can also be downloaded in OSM XML format with osmdata_xml() and saved for use with other software.

overpass-api-python-wrapper - A thin Python wrapper around the OpenStreetMap Overpass API

  •    Python

This is a thin wrapper around the OpenStreetMap Overpass API. Note that you don't have to include any of the output meta statements. The wrapper will, well, wrap those.

overpass-wizard - :dizzy: Human friendly way to generate Overpass API queries

  •    Javascript

Generates Overpass API queries from human friendly input. As seen in overpass turbo.

python-overpy - Python Wrapper to access the Overpass API

  •    Python

A Python Wrapper to access the Overpass API. Have a look at the documentation to find additional information.

osmnet - Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap street network data

  •    Python

Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap (OSM) street network data. Intended to be used in tandem with Pandana and UrbanAccess libraries to extract street network nodes and edges. OSMnet offers tools to download street network data from OpenStreetMap and extract a graph network comprised of nodes and edges to be used in Pandana street network accessibility calculations.

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