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sails-postgresql - PostgreSQL adapter for Sails.js

NOTE: This is the unpublished work in progress branch. To see the current recommended version of the adapter view the 0.11.x Branch.A Waterline adapter for working with the PostgreSQL database.

sails-redis - Redis adapter for Sails.js

A lightweight Sails/Waterline adapter for Redis. May be used in a Sails app, or anything using Waterline for the ORM.This adapter does not support the Semantic or Queryable interfaces. Instead, it simply provides robust, managed access to the underlying Redis client. See the for-sails-0.12 branch of this repo or ryanc1256/sails-redis for examples of conventional adapters that let you use Redis to directly store and query records from your models.

sails-twitter - Twitter adapter for Sails.js

For exaplanation, see https://github.com/treelinehq/waterline-query-docs/issues/2.If you're interested in implementing Twitter authentication, or enabling other Twitter features, see http://node-machine.org/machinepack-twitter. If you'd like to contribute, see https://github.com/irlnathan/machinepack-twitter/tree/master/machines.

waterline-adapter-tests - API integration tests for Waterline adapters

A set of integration tests that can be included in your Waterline Adapter module and used to test your adapter against the current Waterline API.See LICENSE.md.

waterline-criteria - Utility library for use in Sails adapters where you need to filter a list of output using a criteria object

Utilities for working with Waterline criterias, especially for applying them to in-memory datasets.This module was designed for adapters which communicate with key/value stores such as sails-disk, sails-memory, and sails-redis (i.e. they already implement the semantic interface, but need to implement the queryable interface).

waterline-schema - This is the core schema builder used in the Waterline ORM.

This is the core schema builder used in the Waterline ORM. It is responsible for taking an attributes object from a Collection and turning it into a fully fledged schema object.It's mainly tasked with figuring out and expanding associations between Collections.

endtable - A ridiculously simple Object Mapper for Node running on top of CouchDB.

Endtable is an experimental ORM built on top of Node.js and CouchDB.The concept? long-lived, self-monitoring, objects that persist only periodically as modifications are made to them.

objection-rest - REST API generator for objection.js models

REST API generator for objection.js models.See objection-find documentation for the findQuery API.

sails-hook-orm - Implements support for Waterline ORM in Sails.

Implements support for Waterline ORM in Sails.This is a core hook in the Sails.js framework. You can override or disable it using your sailsrc file or environment variables. See Concepts > Configuration for more information.

firenze - Adapter based JavaScript ORM for Node.js and the browser

A database agnostic adapter-based object relational mapper (ORM) targetting node.js and the browser.Visit http://firenze.js.org for documentation.

reheat - A red hot Node.js ORM for RethinkDB.

A red hot Node.js ORM for RethinkDB.You can use it, but be prepared to keep a close eye on the changelog.

waterline-rethinkdb - A RethinkDB adapter for the Waterline ORM

A RethinkDB adapter for the Waterline ORM. Works in a Sails.js app or anything using Waterline for the ORM.This is pre-1.0.0 alpha software! Many RethinkDB/Waterline features/operations are not supported yet.

js-data-mongodb - MongoDB adapter for js-data

A MongoDB adapter for the JSData Node.js ORM.Start with the JSData + MongoDB tutorial or checkout the API Reference Documentation.

js-data-sql - Postgres/MySQL/MariaDB/SQLite3 adapter for js-data

A Postgres/MySQL/MariaDB/SQLite3 adapter for the JSData Node.js ORM.Start with the JSData + SQL tutorial or checkout the API Reference Documentation.

fixer - Setup your test database using fixtures in a breeze.

Node.js module to setup your test database using fixtures in a breeze. Inspired by Rails fixtures.See example/load_fixtures.js.

november-cli - ❄️ Generate a Node.js API for your Ember.js app

November helps you generate a simple Node.js API tailored for Ember.js apps, with the help of Express and Sequelize.By default, MySQL is used as a database, but you can use any relational database supported by Sequelize by changing the values in config/config.json.

openrecord - Active record like ORM for nodejs

If you've found a bug please report it via the issues page. Please make sure to add a unit test with the bug report! Before submit pull request make sure all tests still passed.

thug - ORM replacement that provides a functional style object filtration and validation system.

Thug was created to minimize the complexity of validating and altering an object before writing it to a data store or performing an operation. Thug is not an ORM but is ment to be a replacment for one. Thug is very small and works on both the server or in a browser. I always recomend you bundle your dependencies with your application. To do this, create a package.json file in the root of your project with the minimum information...

ormnomnom - an orm that does 80% of the work and gets out of the way for the remaining 20%

ORMnomnom is yet another Node ORM. It is specifically for use with postgres (via pg), exposes single-async-events as bluebird promises, and exposes async-iterables as streams. It requires a modern version of Node (v4+).

wilson - a node

Wilson is a framework for Node.js, the product of me spending several nights kind of sleeplessly hacking on the idea. For instance, one should be able to choose a different (or multiple) router systems, templating systems, orm, etc, and things should still work at least pretty okay. This is a hindengoal, of course -- it changes upon observation.