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oriDomi - Fold up DOM elements like paper

  •    CoffeeScript

Visit oridomi.com for examples, documentation and notes. Read the annotated source for a detailed look.

polyfill-service - Automatic polyfill service.

  •    Javascript

Polyfill.io is a service which makes web development less frustrating by selectively polyfilling just what the browser needs. Polyfill.io reads the User-Agent header of each request and returns polyfills that are suitable for the requesting browser. Polyfill.io documentation is on the website.

origami.js - Powerful and Lightweight Library to create using HTML5 Canvas

  •    Javascript

Initially, it's a tool for teaching geometry, web, and javascript in schools. Currently, it's a powerful library to create using HTML5 Canvas. Want to contribute? Follow these recommendations.

orthogami - Orthogonal polyhedra origami

  •    Javascript

If you want to try making a Mario yourself, here is a PDF in A4 format. This module works in any reasonable CommonJS environment (includes node.js and browserify). You can also use it with the voxel critter creator (select "Export Orthogami").

fold - FOLD file format for origami models, crease patterns, etc.

  •    CoffeeScript

FOLD (Flexible Origami List Datastructure) is a file format (with extension .fold) for describing origami models: crease patterns, mountain-valley patterns, folded states, etc. Mainly, a FOLD file can store a mesh with vertices, edges, faces, and links between them, with optional 2D or 3D geometry, plus the topological stacking order of faces that overlap geometrically. A mesh can also easily store additional user-defined data. One FOLD file can even store multiple such meshes in "frames" (but this feature is not yet supported in any code). This repository both documents the FOLD format (which is still in early stages so its definition is evolving) and provides web software tools and JavaScript libraries to aid in manipulation of FOLD files. FOLD is built upon JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) so parsers are available in essentially all programming languages. Once parsed, the format also serves as the typical data structure you'll want to represent foldings in your software. Our libraries also help build useful redundant data structures for navigating the mesh.

ft-origami - Universal front end component standards for FT web products

  •    HTML

This is the source code for the Origami website. Please visit http://origami.ft.com/ if you're looking for the documentation. The locally running website will be viewable here: http://localhost:4000/.

github-label-sync - Synchronise your GitHub labels with as few destructive operations as possible

  •    Javascript

Synchronise your GitHub labels with as few destructive operations as possible – similar labels get renamed. You'll need Node.js 4+ installed to run GitHub Label Sync. You'll also need a GitHub access token ready so that the the tool will have access to your repositories. You can generate an access token here, be sure to allow the "repo" scope.

o-ads - Advertising framework for DFP

  •    Javascript

This is an Origami module that enables advertising from Google's DFP Ad server, and provides customised demographic, behavioural (via Krux), and contextual (via Admantx) targeting. For basic use, a DFP account with Google is required. Each targeting/tracking supplier will require their own configuration and setup.

o-colors - Origami module containing color palette and use case Sass variables.

  •    CSS

The color palette for the FT masterbrand and sub-brand products. There are a number of ways of using colors in your component or product. o-colors can be used via the Build Service, but it is recommended you import the Sass into your project to make use of the many Sass mixins and functions available.

o-element-visibility - Element visibility tracking

  •    Javascript

Utility for tracking element visibility within the viewport. Tracks the selected elements and reports the percentage of the element currently on the screen, changes to the percentage in view will fire events within the oVisibility namespace (see Events below).

o-grid - Responsive grid system

  •    CSS

A 12 column responsive, flexbox-based grid system for laying out documents, templates and components. This component is a collection of Sass styles to build a 12 column grid system, with a few JavaScript helpers.

o-typography - Typography and vertical rhythm styles for FT branding

  •    CSS

Typographical styles for FT branded sites - font families, weight, colors, sizes and vertical rhythm. The component provides styles for headings, titles, leads and body content. Note: The whitelabel branded version of o-typography has a different default scale. The font sizes are the same, but the line-height is 1.2x the font size at every scale.

origami-build-tools - Standard Origami component development tools.

  •    Javascript

Standardised build tools for Origami modules and products developed based on these modules. If you have any issues with OBT, please check out troubleshooting guide before raising an issue.

origami-image-service - Optimises and resizes images

  •    Javascript

Optimises and resize images. See the production service for API information. Running Origami Image Service requires Node.js and npm.

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